Ripple 및 Bitstamp는 3 억 6600 만 XRP 이상 이동

Ripple and Bitstamp have moved more than 366 mln XRP tokens.

First, there was a notification that an American startup had moved 235 million XRP in the last 24 hours. In total, 3 transactions were made. Based on the charts, two were especially large. 230 mln were transferred from one Ripple wallet to another, and almost 5 mln more coins were transferred to the Huobi exchange. The total equivalent of the listed tokens exceeded 240 mln.

Bitstamp joined Ripple a bit later, moving more than 131 million XRP coins. The transaction was recorded between the digital currency storage service for large investors and BitGo.

Bitstamp's XRP transaction is interesting, at least because they were one of those platforms that excluded Ripple from the list of traded coins. The hashtag #relistXRP is now popular on Twitter. Thanks to this, the token reappears in trading pairs on large cryptocurrency exchanges.

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