Meta의 Metaverse 발표에 따라 가상 세계 토큰 상승

Decentraland (MANA) virtual reality platform tokens have skyrocketed by more than 77% in the last 24 hours. Facebook was “blamed” for the incident, since Mark Zuckerberg once again spoke about his own metaverse, one of which the Decentraland developers are striving to form within the framework of their project.

The MANA tokens, which are the center of the Decentraland metaverse, have shown an astounding daily price gain of more than 70% over the last day, in parallel with the Sandbox coin (SAND), which jumped 24.6% on Binance and Enjin Coin (ENJ), whose price is now at 8.6% more than the day before.

After the words of the founder of Facebook, and now Meta, about the importance of the development of virtual worlds for users, the price of the Axie Infinity Universe (AXS) tokens also increased. Their value rose by 15.6%, reaching over $146. Another blockchain, Flow, which is the basis for the creation of digital NFT objects, also recorded a growth of 10.47% per day to almost $14 per token on Binance.

In other words, the presentation of Facebook Connect 2021 and the new look of the company could be a significant impetus for teams developing the idea of ​​a multiverse in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Metaverse has become a successful solution for the development of the NFT industry, which today is an integral part of some cryptocurrency projects. Indeed, in the center of it lies a lot of virtual things that surround users in a particular universe. These can be NFT paintings, furniture, avatars, clothing, and accessories. All options for the development of the idea are "limited" only by the imagination of the developers and the "inhabitants" of the metaverse.

The head of Meta's Metaverse Products division, Vishal Shah, said that today they are looking at new types of property, models, and rights that will make people feel confident about particular objects in the virtual space. According to him, this will significantly simplify the sale of objects that exist within the digital space in a limited number, as well as their further safe resale to other network participants.

It should be noted that most of the technologies presented in the presentation are still at the research stage. Therefore, how soon users will be able to become part of the virtual universe of Meta is still unknown.

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