Twitter 개발자는 NFT 확인이 작동하는 방법을 보여주었습니다.

One of the developers of the Twitter team, Mada Aflak, shared visualization of how the NFT verification mechanism will work within the social network.

In a post published a few hours ago, Aflak demonstrated a variation on how the proof of ownership of non-fungible tokens works. Of course, while the idea is ranked among experiments. But, given the course of the social network for the integration of cryptocurrencies and Jack Dorsey's commitment to bitcoin, there is hardly any doubt that at some point such functionality will still appear on Twitter.

Aflak, who is responsible for the software part of the Twitter Spaces audio room, showed a demo video of NFT verification in which a person tapped his own avatar in the “edit profile” section and clicked on the “select NFT” item. After the user uploaded the purchased non-fungible tokens on OpenSea to the social network, he had the opportunity to set them as his avatar. However, it will have a distinctive blue checkmark. So, according to the developer, no one will doubt that this NFT belongs to this user.

Addressing the community, Aflak asked to share her ideas or edits to bring the new functionality to the ideal. But when exactly NFT verification will appear, she did not say. Although Aflak said that she is working on a certain innovation for Twitter on her Twitter account on September 15 this year.

Over the past year, NFTs have evolved into a kind of symbiosis of social currency and public respect. The reasons for the latter are still incomprehensible to crypto experts since for them everything that happens so far looks like a new kind of "flex". On the other hand, this art form deserves its place in the sun, as it offers creators another way to earn money thanks to their talent.

One of the critics of the possible update was the Bitcoin maximalist Blockstream, known by the pseudonym @notgroubles. He stated that the new system looks like something incredibly easy to defeat, after which the whole idea turns into a heap of controversy, the outcome of which will depend on the person on the Twitter team on the other side of the monitor. This, in turn, will only confirm the common expression within the crypto community about “centralization, but with a lot of steps”, for which everyone loves Ethereum so much. Later, he also added that he was looking forward to the image rights activists in their profiles, hinting that he would soon be blacklisted. In addition, according to @notgrubles, verification is just another version of DRM protection, and everyone knows very well what happens to DRM in the end.

Recall that the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey announced last week about the new functionality of tips in the equivalent of bitcoins using the Lightning Network and the possible implementation of NFT verification.

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