OpenSea, ERN 추가

OpenSea is the largest and one of the most popular platforms for selling, buying and trading NFTs. 

On the OpenSea platform, any user can create and sell their own non-fungible token, as well as buy any NFT they like. NFTs are blockchain-based rare digital collectibles, artwork, songs, poems, sounds, memes, tweets, domains, and more. 

The platform recently announced that it added Ethernity tokens (ERN). There is, however, one minor drawback, this payment function must be activated physically. To do this, the seller or buyer of NFT must log in or register as a new user on the OpenSea site , go to payment methods and activate. For example, if your collection or a separate NFT is not created on the Ethernity platform and you need to pay a lot or commission. First, you need to edit the token or collection, then include the ERN in the list of tokens accepted for payment.

Ethernity Chain is a community-driven Ethereum-based platform that produces limited edition Authenticated NFT (aNFT) and Trading Cards, created by the most popular artists and endorsed by industry influencers. ERN Ethernity allows holders to bid and buy rare aNFT physical collectibles, at auction or through direct sales. 

If you want to buy or sell Ethernity Chain, you can do so on the popular OKEx exchange .

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