OKEx는 자체 NFT 마켓플레이스와 DeFi 대시보드를 선보였습니다.

One of the world's leading crypto exchanges, OKEx, announced its expansion, launching DeFi Dashboard and its own NFT platform for storing, buying and selling non-fungible tokens. Both products were introduced as part of the DeFi Hub decentralized asset system.

OKEx NFT Marketplace is a comprehensive platform designed for those wishing to buy, sell non-fungible tokens, or present to the world personally created NFTs. With the help of the platform, clients of the crypto exchange will be able not only to buy and sell NFTs but also store them in their collections. In addition, here it will be possible to mince your NFT with a set royalty, without having to pay an additional commission to OKEx. The exchange decided to limit itself exclusively to the commission that the authors of the NFT pay to the miners, whose capacities process their transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will also be able to import NFTs from platforms supported by the OKEx. For example, OKExChain.

OKEx highlighted that NFT has brought a paradigm shift in the arts and entertainment industry, inviting fans to support their favorite creators, and the creators themselves the possibility of additional monetization of the works they produce in the form of single non-fungible tokens or even entire NFT collections, created in limited quantities to preserve greater value. According to OKEx Director Lennix Lai, DeFi Hub will be able to accelerate the integration of intangible tokens through the NFT marketplace, and once again confirms the company's commitment to protecting the interests of creators of diverse content by providing them with a monetary incentive to sell artwork through OKEx.

To use DeFi Hub, customers need to connect their crypto wallet to the platform. The OKEx Wallet was also introduced this summer and is already available on the official mobile app of the cryptocurrency exchange.

DeFi Hub offers its users an intuitive option for tracking and managing personal decentralized assets. To do this, the dashboard will now display a single client portfolio in the form of a listing of assets in his portfolio, as well as a separate gallery with art objects in NFT format. Lai noted that such a move allowed for visible improvements in the visualization of users' digital currency portfolios, making them more interactive.

Earlier, OKEx announced its intention to support another promising crypto industry, the GameFi-segment of the market in the form of play-to-earn games, allocating a total of $10 million to support them. The most prominent representative of this “genre” is Axie Infinity.

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