Budweiser는 30 ETH와 Beet.eth 도메인을 위해 NFT 아바타를 구입했습니다.

Many Budweiser beer fans have noticed that the label has shifted the image on their official Twitter account for a space rocket image created by the Rocket Factory NFT platform. Its head, artist Tom Sachs, was quick to welcome the brand and join the community.

But the investment of the frothy drink brand did not end there. Along with the image of the Rocket Factory designers, the company also acquired the Beer.eth domain. According to some American media reports, the purchase cost Budweiser 30 Ethereum tokens, equivalent to $93,750 at the current exchange rate on the Huobi exchange. As for the cost of the image with the space rocket, according to the DNS on the OpenSea platform, it was purchased for 8 ETH or $25,000.

Richard Oppy, vice president of global brands for one of America's largest beer producers, Anheuser-Busch, which owns Budweiser, spoke about the company's investment in the NFT media store a month ago. According to him, the well-known businessperson Gary Vaynerchuk will head the store.

The initiative, according to Oppy, is not a “whim” of the firm, but a “long-term business game”. He also noted that the organization sincerely hopes that such steps will fundamentally change people's views on sponsored property in the foreseeable future.

Previously, Anheuser-Busch has already achieved some notoriety in the field of non-fungible tokens under the Stella Artois brand. He has run several charity auctions and has taken part in niche projects like the digital leapfrogging NFT created by the ZED RUN blockchain platform, the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market.

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