NFT 컬렉션 판매로 12세 소년 이더리움으로 16만 달러 이상 벌었다

The teenager created his collection of NFT Weird Whales with pixelated images of whales and earned more than 166,000 in Ethereum equivalent from their sale in just 24 hours.

Benyamin Ahmed, 12 year-old, has been involved since childhood in the IT industry and innovative digital products such as cryptocurrencies, thanks to his father, Imran, a developer at a financial institution. He told Benyamin and his brother what HTML and CSS are when he was only 5 years old. Since then, he has honed his skills with the help of a well-known resource among programmers Codewars.

After seeing the work of CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Benyamin got the idea of ​​creating his NFT collection, likening it to an “online achievement” similar to what you get in video games. The developer of Boring Bananas, a non-fungible token project, helped the boy with his Weird Whales. It was he who sent the young enthusiast a script written in Python to create a personal series of images.

Benyamin's father suggested how to set up the creation of his pixelated pictures with funny whales, after which the creative process began to boil. Its result was 3,350 unique NFTs, which brought a novice businessman 80 ETH in less than 9 hours. The Boring Bananas team helped promote Benyamin's work online.

Some 8-bit whale images were found to be particularly valuable. For example, RaritySniper named the 1205th whale “the eighth rarest” in the collection. Most likely, this was the reason for its acquisition by one of the auction participants for $6,000 in Ethereum equivalent.

According to Benyamin himself, he receives 2.5% on every NFT sale through OpenSea. The boy decided not to exchange the earned tokens, but to hold in the hope that they will become a good investment in the future.

It is difficult to imagine the reaction of adherents of traditional currencies, who are unlikely to be able to put into their heads the idea that a teenager received more than $166,000 without the special permission of parents or guardians.

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