The payment giant on Monday said that it is now possible for US users to pay for goods and services with four cryptocurrencies

The new feature, launched by PayPal, was called Checkout with Crypto. It will be useful when making orders on the Internet. You can use it to pay for purchases online using BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.

Details Checkout with Crypto

  1. You can only pay for the order with 1 cryptocurrency.
  2. The digital asset will be available among other payment methods (bank account, credit card) only if there are enough funds in the account.
  3. When paying, the payment system automatically exchanges the cryptocurrency for dollars and transfers the necessary amount to the seller.
  4. There is no transaction fee.
  5. The buyer receives 2 messages - about the exchange of crypto for fiat and the purchase of goods/order services.

Users of the new Checkout with Crypto feature get all the benefits guaranteed by PayPal - cashback, 100% security, purchase protection. That's great news!

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