Guys from JPMorgan studied the opinion of institutional companies and investors about cryptocurrency investments

7% of respondents believe that the importance of cryptocurrencies should not be underestimated. These institutional investors are confident that cryptocurrency is and will be the most important asset.

Representatives of 1.5 thousand of the world's largest institutions (3,400 investors) participated in the survey. Almost 11% of them have already invested in cryptocurrency projects.

The vast majority of respondents (58%) said they would like to have 1. I am sure that cryptocurrencies have been, are and will be and they will not escape from the financial system of the world.

89% of investors have never engaged in cryptocurrency investments. Of these, 78 percent of investors consider it unlikely to enter the market in the future. 22 percent of respondents allow the addition of cryptocurrency in their investment portfolio.

Also during the survey, it was asked what do you think about cryptocurrencies:

  • 14 percent agree with Warren Buffett. They think it's rat poison squared.
  • 7 percent believe that cryptocurrencies are the future. They will be the most important asset.
  • 58% of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies have long settled in the financial system.
  • 21% consider cryptocurrency investment a temporary fad.

And almost all, except for two percent, believe that fraud is very common in the cryptosphere. It is necessary to be careful and to remain vigilant.

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