The WallStreetBets story is a good engine for the price of ETH. The value of this coin exceeded 1.5 thousand dollars, setting a new all-time high

The reason is the growth of decentralized finance, high demand for ETH options and the activity of wallets on the network. Call options became the main factor behind the takeoff.

ETH options are of two types — puts and calls. The former are sales orders, the latter are buy orders. When there are more calls in the market, the market is bullish. There was a clear call dominance before today's rally.

For example, on Deribit, 80% of the volume of ETH options were calls. This was reported by analysts of the Laevitas platform, who predicted a serious rally in the second cryptocurrency. Less than an hour after that, Ethereum updated the ATH.

Note that the price growth has been going on throughout the last week. Despite several attempts to break above $1500, the price of ETH bounced all the time.

Today, after the price of the cryptocurrency has established a new ATH, the activity on the Ethereum network can be compared with the indicators of the first month of 2018. For example, 52.38 million active addresses are registered.