TurtleDex gained momentum at the launch as part of Binance Smart Chain, after which it turned out that the project is fraudulent. The attackers managed to steal about $2.5 million by using the "rugpull" scheme.

A DeFi project called TurtleDex, which is a protocol for storing huge amounts of files on the BSC platform, pocketed $2.5 million of its investors in the equivalent of 9,000 BNB tokens. Within a few hours, the pre-sale of the TTDX token was closed by the developers themselves.

one of the first to report the bench was @DefiStalker. He noted that the assets, which were used as confirmation of liquidity, were withdrawn and exchanged for Ethereum, and then distributed to nine different wallets and sent to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The BSC blockchain has recorded the transactions of the TurtleDex team. At the same time, the project's website and its group in Telegram were removed. However, as well as the accounts of its administrators.

Because of the incident, users questioned the reputation of TurtleDex partners in the company Jet Fuel Finance and Apeswap. Although Jet Fuel Finance even delisted the TTDX token.

Now the investors deceived by the project team demand to freeze the wallets of fraudsters. The exchange has not yet reacted to what happened. But, given the previous experience of such deceptions, investors should hardly expect a refund in full.

Recently, a similar fate befell investors of one of the projects Binance Smart Chain - Meerkat Finance. But those scammers were much more successful than TurtleDex, stealing from users about 14 million dollars in the equivalent of 73,635 BNB tokens.

Ironically, the day before, when asked by one of the subscribers "Why don't turtles use the mat?", the administrator of the TELEGRAM channel TurtleDex replied, "because their paws are too short." It turns out that not so short, paws of raking turtles.

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