John McAfee: The Crypto Market Has Now Turned
As we all know, something quite unexpected happened at the crypto market a few days ago. The cryptocurrencies exploded. The main star of the show was Bitcoin, the price of which quickly flew up to over 5 thousand dollars. The other altcoins also followed the upward trend. Currently, some cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, showed that their growth was temporary, meanwhile Bitcoin is still rising. Has it passed its crisis phase which lasted for a couple of months or is it just a one-time thing? Financial experts and analysts have different opinion regarding this phenomenon, and, of course, we couldn’t miss out on what the famous crypto enthusiast John McAfee has to say. McAfee has always been known for his strong faith in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Everybody in the community must remember his eccentric forecast for the price of the world’s #1 cryptocurrency for the next year, and even more so his promise to eat his private parts in case the prediction does not come true. The recent crypto price jump has definitely come in handy for McAfee to prove his point. The crypto enthusiast posted a statement on Twitter, where he claimed that he saw the upward trend coming, although nobody actually listened to him two weeks ago. The statements of McAfee most likely imply the fact that the price increase was not random, but rather came as a natural outcome of the processes on the crypto market. As the price of Bitcoin continued to grow, he posted another message, saying “I told you so! So far, the things are looking up for McAfee and his dangerous prediction of 2020. He still stands by the words that Bitcoin will cost 1 million dollars by 2020. Meanwhile, somebody, who definitely isn’t so sure about that, created a site with a countdown until the day when McAfee will have to eat a part of his body. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: