John McAfee Promised $100 Thousand To The Cracker of His Crypto Wallet

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A crypto enthusiast, founder of the company that develops anti-virus software, McAfee said on his Twitter that he would pay $100,000 to anyone who can crack his innovation – the Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet.

Some users of the social network are wondering if John McAfee is really so sure about the safety of his Bitfi, and why he pays such a low sum for its hacking.

The others are sure that the personality, known in the crypto world by his announcements, once again made a marketing move in order to sell as many wallets as possible. Indeed, to try and crack Bitfi, first, you need to buy it for $120.

We want to remind you that John McAfee will no longer promote or support ICO projects in his social networks due to the pressure from the SEC.

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TOP 5 Most Convenient Applications To Use And Work With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising and growing industries in our modern world. It is becoming more and more valuable to our society, as well as to the nations’ economies and banking systems, since people prefer more convenient ways of trading and transferring money. We therefore offer you to look at top 5 apps that the most convenient in using and working with crypto.

1. Keymano

Keymano is a top wallet that provides a customer with a myriad of opportunities. It’s very convenient, fast and secure. Managing crypto or fiat money through Keymano wallet is easy. Using Keymano wallet anyone can sell, buy or send crypto on the go. It is user-friendly and straightforward.

Connect Keymano Card and Wallet to get even more functions. This Card allows you to make payments online and in-store. Moreover, the user can withdraw cash at any ATM terminal.

Keymano is a fully-featured product which not only simplifies managing crypto but also creates more ways to use it. With Keymano any transaction (from buying coffee to money exchange) is simple and always available in any part of the whole world. Having Keymano you can:

  • pay with crypto in any part of the world;
  • pay with BTC, ETH, etc;
  • manage multiple currencies in one App;
  • pay online or in-store using Keymano Card.

2. 365Сash

365Cash is a platform that provides services to users in different countries by organizing P2P transfers of digital assets. By the time of publication, the platform overcomes 850,000 cryptocurrency swaps. Such a big number extols this platform over others on the market. The service also possesses the following features:

  • Its own large ecosystem which uses nodes for cryptocurrencies and works automatically.
  • The most favorable rates for customers. The service earns on the difference in sales rates due to a large flow of customers and hedging the risks of cryptocurrency fluctuations.
  • Fully automatic system of receiving and paying funds to customers using the most popular payment system in Russia – Qiwi.
  • In future, it is planned to expand the pool of available cryptocurrencies.

3. Quppy 

Quppy is multicurrency payment system with unique cross-platform applications.The wallet provides users the ability to share crypto assets via different accounts inside one single wallet as far as within a decentralized storage system. By the end of the month, users will be able to withdraw money in euro. The platform also have some interesting features:

  • Sharing all your crypto assets through various accounts on one single platform.
  • Superior security for users based on blockchain technology.
  • Fast cryptocurrency exchange and instant transactions;
  • Multicurrency support including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc.
  • Integration of Nexo – a service of the world’s fastest instant credit.

4. Chatex

Chatex is a platform that makes transfers, exchanging or paying for goods much more easier for every customer. Cryptobanking facilitates access to the use of cryptocurrency for those who have never had a cryptocurrency wallet and who do not want to understand difficult passwords, 12 words, etc. The service eliminates the possibility of loss of big passwords or phones, since it allows you to regain access during a personal appearance to the certification center. Unique feature are:

  • The wallet is protected by an additional PIN-code and in exchange transactions between people.
  • Instant internal transfers without commissions. Instant purchase with any VISA/MC.
  • Respond quickly to digital assets management requests from your smartphone.

5. Waves

Waves is revolutionary mobile app which enables users to connect to the network and make transactions. It is a comprehensive, all-in-one app for mobile devices with an absolutely unique feature set that includes a crypto wallet, the Waves DEX, and fiat gateway. The biggest advantages of the platform are:

  • All traffic is encrypted, hence privacy and security are fully provided. Private keys never leave users’ smartphone and are never exposed to the web.
  • Supporting Face ID, Touch ID and Fingerprint scanning.
  • Trading on DEX, with the great tools and charts, it provides access to fiat and crypto gateways, so the customer can deposit, store, trade and withdraw other assets.
  • The customer can send tokens to one’s address book contacts, lease one’s WAVES, receive warnings about suspicious tokens and burn any spam assets he/she doesn’t want.

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Samsung Pay Will Or Won’t Add Cryptocurrency: Report

Samsung Electronics Inc. has not even filed an official statement yet, while the South Korean news outlets are already speculating Samsung Pay will integrate crypto in Galaxy S10.

Samsung Pay in Korea

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service launched by Samsung Electronics in the middle of 2015. In the same year, Samsung Pay bought LoopPay for $250 million which allowed users to process payments on point of sale (PoS) terminals. Moreover, that acquisition helped to invent MST (Magnetic Strip Technology). Later, Samsung Pay announced about launching LoopPay Valet – a low cost contactless payment IoT device.

From 2017 the use of Samsung Pay among the South Korean people has been growing instantly, exceeding 6.6 million users, that is 12% of the whole nation population.


As we can see from the picture above, the most popular app in the South Korea is Youtube. The second place is occupied by Samsung Pay which proves that the power of such application is big in the country.

Many analysts think that if Samsung Pay integrates cryptocurrency inside, that will be a hit.

Samsung Pay’s Crypto Integration

The rumours about Samsung Pay implements crypto wallet in its app started in late January, when The Korea Herald published an article. One month before an official statement, industry sources claimed that Samsung Pay is behind the Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency wallet, and that it can begin the cryptocurrency adoption in the country.

On March 8, one of the largest mainstream media outlets in South Korea, Donga, published a report  “Crypto, Flying Away With Samsung Pay on its Back?” saying that Samsung Pay allegedly integrate cryptocurrency to expand its user base internationally. It also says that it will strengthen Samsung Pay as a fintech platform. However, there is no official statement of Samsung Electronics regarding this issue.

The report says:

“Samsung Pay has recently extended the transaction period for overseas users and integrated an international payment processing service, aggressively targeting the global financial services market. At this phase of development, if a cryptocurrency wallet is added to Samsung Pay, the application will be strengthened as a complete fintech platform. Currently, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is said to be supporting Ethereum but more cryptocurrencies are expected to be integrated in the near-term.”

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John McAfee Believes He Is the Most Accurate Bitcoin Price Predictor

It’s been a while since the crypto enthusiast and the creator of the popular antivirus John McAfee participated in the life of the crypto community. And we can totally understand that given the fact that he is currently living on a yacht and hiding from Internal Revenue Service for not paying taxes.

Almost a few months has passed since McAfee posted something crypto-related. Let’s find out what could possibly trigger him to get into the groove again.

It turns out that Jesse Lund, the Vice President of IBM’s Blockchain and Digital Currencies department basically “stole” McAfee’s prediction regarding the exchange rate of Bitcoin in the future.

In an interview with Fred Schebesta, Lund claimed that Bitcoin would have higher liquidity if its price went up. Later on, he made a surprising statement:

I have a long-term outlook. It goes back to that discussion about the utility of the network with a higher price. I see Bitcoin at a million dollars someday.”

We all know that John McAfee is a king of eccentric BTC price predictions. He claimed that Bitcoin would cost 1 million dollars by 2020 long time ago. Certainly, the crypto enthusiast could just ignore the situation and tweeted about it.

Not only did he complain about the fact, that he was the first to set such a price target for Bitcoin, McAfee also mentioned the exact date when BTC would hit 1 million dollars: 31st of December, 2020.

However, later on, he posted another tweet, clarifying that the media twisted his words, and 31st of December was not the specific date, it just meant the end of the year.

Bitcoin is probably the most unpredictable thing in the world. Thus, despite the competence of the people setting the price target for it, we will only have to wait and see whether it will ever hit 1 million dollars.

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John McAfee Runs into an Exile after Being Charged with Tax Fraud

A crypto enthusiast John McAfee, who is known for his eccentric behavior, has gotten himself into a new scandal, this time with Internal Revenue Service.

According to the post published by Daily Express, IRS has charged the crypto evangelist for not filing return on his taxes, along with his wife Janice and four members of his 2020 presidential campaign. McAfee commented on the matter by saying:

Today, the IRS has convened a grand jury in the state of Tennessee to charge myself, my wife Mrs McAfee, and four of my campaign workers with unspecified crimes of a felonious nature.”

Internal Revenue Service has not provided any official statements about this whole situation, however, it is quite obvious that the charges have to do with millions of dollars in taxes that McAfee did not pay.

Meanwhile, McAfee refused to pay anything to IRS and left into an “exile” on his luxurious yacht which is now sailing near the coast of Venezuela. He also promised to run his campaign from the boat if needed.

McAfee called this an attempt of the government to “silence, imprison and shut his voice down” and claimed that he would not give in.

Today, crypto community, we are at war and I am on the front lines,” he said.

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Will the New Samsung Galaxy 10 Have an Embedded Crypto Wallet?

As we mentioned in an article of ours, there were rumors about Samsung’s flagman, Galaxy 10, having an inbuilt crypto wallet, but they were not confirmed by the official representatives of Samsung.

We remind you:

Samsung Galaxy 10 Will Not Have an Inbuilt Crypto Wallet

However, some info was leaked that might actually prove the fact that a Crypto wallet app is present on Galaxy 10.

A Twitter-user Gregory Blake published a couple of screenshots of the new phone, and it can be seen on the picture that there is an app called “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore”. Allegedly, once activated, it allows users to control their crypto funds, send and receive digital coins.

According to Blake’s screenshots, it can be seen that Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency supported by the app on the prototype phone, however, one picture included graphics that seemed similar to Bitcoin, so it is a possibility that BTC will be added after launch.

To be 100% sure of everything, we have to wait until Samsung Galaxy 10 is released. Currently, it is only available for merchants.

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Roger Ver: Wallet Will Be Updated Significantly

A famous investor, who made his multi-million fortune on Bitcoin, Roger Ver, has stated that wallet will get a major update. The details have not been announced so far, yet we can claim that this is the most anticipated act in the crypto market. The upgrade was mentioned on the YouTube channel for the website.

In the video, he described the update by saying it is the “biggest ever to the wallet.” Another change that will influence the crypto wallet is integration of a crowdfunding application called This program will be a replacement for a former program Patreon, which banned multiple political and social entities.

One of the users on Reddit wrote that he hoped to see the following changes:

  • “Spend and replace built right into the wallet”
  • “Strong privacy thanks to Coinshuffle”
  • “improving the transaction creation, signing, and broadcasting speed”

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