One of the largest financial holdings DBS will issue digital bonds worth S$15 million or the $11.3 million as part of an initial STO.

DBS intends to issue digital registrations using its own DDEx. And their expiration date will be six months with a year's rate of 0.6%. DBS refused to help third-party organizations in collecting applications from investors for the purchase of bonds, therefore it will become the only bookrunner of the deal.

Representatives of Singapore-based DBS emphasized that with this step, other issuers and potential customers can join the DDEx system, in return gaining effective passage to markets. By doing this, they will not only satisfy their funding requirements but will also create a reason for the STO and their listing in the foreseeable future.

One of the DBS group's executives also noted that the first listing of Security tokens on its own DEX is further proof of the power of the crypto asset infrastructure in simplifying the processes of disclosing cost. Both for the issuers themselves and for people who invest money. The listing will demonstrate to the latter the organization's ability to integrate digital asset value chain solutions.

DBS itself supposes that tokenization will be widespread as consumers begin to use STOs as a component of their fundraising activities.

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