By trading on the P2P market on OKEx, users from Argentina can get $340

Peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions are in demand in many markets. To popularise this type of cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina, OKEx extends the action for 10 days. Users from this country are entitled to a bonus of up to $300 for P2P trading.

Since the launch of the action, the number of peer-to-peer transactions on the platform committed with the Argentine peso (ARS) has increased by 386%. To get a bonus, you just need to exchange crypto with other users.

For the first transaction between the trader and the new user is given a surcharge of 2.5% of the total amount of funds. Maximum up to $10 per trade and up to $300 in total for one user.

In addition, you can get more bonuses. Attracting referrals, you can earn $5 at the time of their first transaction. Maximum to $40. Also the top 100 traders will participate in the distribution of 1,000 Dogecoins.

Users of OKEx of all levels can apply for the bonus, starting from the first stage of verification. This action is implemented as part of the strategy of cryptocurrency business development in Latin America.

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