Binance、5 月 29 日に新しい資産を柔軟な貯蓄に追加

From tomorrow, floating-rate deposits for tokens such as AERGO, CAKE, CHM, GLM, GRT, LIT, OG, REP, SFP, SNX, SOL, TCT, TFUEL will be available on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Flexible Savings deposits will be available from 2021-05-29 0:00 (UTC). Upon reaching the maximum limit, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies will be suspended.

The exchange said that it will adjust the accepted tokens, interest rates on deposits, individual and general limits. The correction will depend both on the overall market situation and on the steps taken by the exchange itself to limit risks.

Recall that floating rate deposits are an investment product on Binance, offering users to lend tokens that users hold to make them work.

Assets collected from users will be used to support margin trading on the Binance stock exchange. Liquidity suppliers will receive their interest. Refunds are made on request within 1-2 days.

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