DeFi giant Aave will have to try to outperform its closest competitors, MakerDAO and Compound. We need to increase user reach and revenue. To this end, a liquidity mining programme will be launched on 26 April

The decision to introduce the new program was taken on Saturday, last week. Starting April 26, 4 liquidity providers for DAI, ETH, GUSD, UDSC, USDT and WTBC will receive not only a standard rate, but also an additional award in stAAVE tokens.

2200 stAAVE will be allocated to the awarding of liquidity suppliers every day. They will be taken from 2.9 million tokens that DeFi-company has.

The advantage of this program is not only the ability to attract new users. Thanks to the resulting tokens, users will be able to influence the future of the project, making it more decentralised.

This was reported by one of the ideological masterminds of the innovation Anjan Vinod, investment analyst Parafi Capital. According to him, the program will open up new prospects for Aave.

The program will last until mid-July 2021. The company will then assess whether this has benefited the Aave ecosystem. If so, in the future it is possible to re-launch such an offer for investors.

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