BTC.TOP CEOは、50%のクリーンエネルギーに対するマスクの要求が満たされていると述べています

The head of one of the largest mining pools BTC.TOP, Jiang Zhuoer, said that it was time for Tesla to resume accepting payments in Bitcoins because Musk's condition of 50% "clean" energy had already been met.

The other day, the head of Tesla announced in his Twitter account that as soon as 50% of the energy used by Bitcoin miners to mine the main cryptocurrency in the market will be obtained from renewable sources, Tesla will continue operations with Bitcoin and make payments for electric vehicles in its equivalent again available. Citing the words of the billionaire on his Twitter account, Jiang Zhuoer emphasized that now that all mining centers in China's Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Inner Mongol provinces have been shut down, there are only hydropower farms in Sichuan province. Considering that China has always been the largest player in the world of mining, occupying a share of 65%, it can be assumed that the number of miners using renewable resources is now definitely at least 50%.

According to analyst Jason Dean, the problem of calculating accurate data on the percentage of miners using "clean" energy has been a traditional dilemma for cryptocurrencies due to their exponential growth and network fragmentation.

Even with the Bitcoin Mining Council under the leadership of the head of MicroStrategy, there is currently no transparent centralized and international body overseeing the environmental impact of mining. In addition, it is, in principle, impossible to collect accurate information on how much renewable energy is already being used in the crypto industry. It remains only to collect bit by bit data from various sources and hope that the "environmental" plans of America and China will not deal a crushing blow to the mining industry, giving it some time to assimilate.

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