Axie Infinityトークンが800%増加し、新記録に到達

Axie Infinity continues its victorious march in the world of cryptocurrency games. The AXS project token is breaking records, showing 800% growth in less than a month and hitting a new high of $29.13.

A fun Pokémon alter ego in the form of Axie creatures, thousands of new players are added to the fan base every day. Some even arrange express training "scholarship", allowing beginners to start earning with the help of an already assembled team of virtual monsters under the guidance of experienced mentors and detailed guides. Their interest lies in saving personal time and earning passive income as a percentage of the earnings of their “students”.

One Axie Infinity player shared his joy, announcing that his income in July rose to $20,000 due to the growth of the token rate and the beginner training program, saying that he could now give up his job. Each of these newbies plays with his account and splits the profit 50/50 or 30/70, depending on the generosity of the mentor. To find mentors, future players mostly use Discord or other popular instant messengers and social networks, forming thousands of mini-communities.

The cryptocurrency game began its journey on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, but in May of this year it switched to the Ronin sidechain, after which interest in it grew significantly. To join the game, you need to assemble a team of three unique NFT monsters by purchasing them from the local marketplace. After that, these creatures can be bred, fight against artificial intelligence in PVE mode and other players in PVP mode, as well as complete daily quests, receiving a reward in the equivalent of special SLP (Small Love Potion) tokens. Their cost at the moment is about 0.26.

Today, players from developing countries Cuba, Venezuela, India and the Philippines are showing the greatest interest in the game. The latter rightfully took the lead, turning Axie Infinity into a full-fledged analogue of work in terms of monthly and annual income.

Many are becoming interested in the game due to the fact that while the AXS token stubbornly ignores the bear market, continuing to gain momentum. The minimum threshold for entering the game today ranges from $600 to $1,000, depending on which creatures the player chooses to form the initial team. The minimum cost of monsters on the marketplace at the time of writing starts at $191.97, and the most expensive Axie ever sold cost 300 ETH, which is the equivalent of almost $600,000.

In addition to Axie, it also sells virtual items and land. For example, one of the most famous gambling real estate deals involved land sold for 888.2 ETH in February this year. At the time of the sale, the "real estate" was estimated at $1.5 million.

The Axie Infinity team actively communicates with the game community, introducing new ideas and developments. On July 15, she announced the opening of a dedicated server for esports. In parallel, the company announced a tournament grant of 5,000 AXS (about $91,000 at current exchange rates). Applications are accepted until July 29, and the tournament schedule will be submitted until the end of 2021.

The only large-scale problem faced by the players was the popularity of the project. For this reason, many people complain about the disconnected connection to the server during PVP battles. Meanwhile, the developers reported that they are already working on a solution to the problem and intend to hold 10 events over the next four months for players of all levels from various countries, having previously worked on the stability of the connection to the game.

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