Neo N3RC2テストネットが本日発売されました

The N3 RC2 update for the Neo network was announced on May 2, and today, May 18, the blockchain project test network has been updated

Activated update added to the blockchain an improved mechanism for creating smart contracts, supporting JSONPath and optimising many other functions. Its implementation took place from 6 to 9 o'clock (UTC).

The new software code compiler is designed for Neo smart contracts. With it, developers can work directly with the code, bypassing MSIL. To the creators of smart contracts, this guarantees more functions. The compiler also improves the code, making it more optimised and improving the interface.

JSONPath improves the oracle's performance by limiting the set of its filters. The patch provides the best JSON response filtering.

Also, according to the developers, more functionality was added to StdLib, the NNS version was replaced and the refueling function was introduced in the GasToken contract.

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