MicroStrategy has increased its supply of Bitcoins by an extra 5,050 BTC, buying them at a medium price of $48,099 per coin. Thus, the entire cost of the last purchase of the firm was almost $243 million.

Considering the medium coin price of $48,099 quoted by the head of the firm, Michael Saylor, it can be assumed that the purchase took place before the recent fall in the price of the main digital currency in the market below the level of $43,000.

Saylor himself, to the surprise of the crypto community, at first preferred to remain silent about the purchase, writing only: "The quieter you drive, the further you will be." Although he previously kept a record of each purchase of Bitcoins on his Twitter account, reporting the purchase price and the number of coins received. Now the acquisition became known from the report of MicroStrategy, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

There also appeared information about the current well-being of MicroStrategy. The latest receipt of 5,050 BTC raised the value of Bitcoins owned by the firm by 42% to $5.1 billion. If we talk about MicroStrategy's net spending on Bitcoins for the entire period, then this amount is about $3.16 billion.

After some time, Saylor decided not to change traditions, notifying all subscribers with another portion of the "purchases" statistics. Apparently, despite rumors of a "transfer" of MicroStrategy's cryptocurrency wealth to the account of a subsidiary and the sale of shares by several directors, the head of the company is sticking to his "crypto vector", not intending to get rid of assets.

Recall that the last purchase of 3907 BTC on August 24 cost the company $177 million.

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