Non-fungible tokens from the Moonshot Bots collection from the decentralized funding platform Gitcoin have already managed to earn more than $1.8M.

The NFT market is showing breathtaking performance, attracting more and more members of the crypto community with its digital artifacts, although many consider the hype around non-fungible tokens to be a matter of days gone by.

Gitcoin's collectible NFT Moonshot Bots, which is a set of pixelated avatars with robots, are another confirmation of the community's interest in virtual art achievements. The idea was presented by the head of Gitcoin, Kevin Owoсki, as well as the DAO responsible for the project, Austin Griffith. The total circulation of non-fungible tokens was 303 copies, of which more than 196 bots have sold so far for over $1.88 million. The NFT value is formed according to the principle that the price increases with each sold token. So, if the first of them was bought by someone for 0.0033 ETH, equivalent to $10.63 at the Huobi rate, then each price of each next NFT will be higher, up to the last token, the cost of which will be about 3038 ETH, equal to almost 10 millions of dollars. Of course, if someone decides to purchase a pixelated image for such an impressive amount. The next NFT in this collection at the time of this writing will cost the buyer 26.8 ETH or $86,430 according to Huobi.

The founder of the project stressed that, according to his estimates, the implementation of the idea would be considered successful if it reached the 50,000 mark. He is pleasantly surprised that bots have received such a response from the community. According to Owocki, he and Griffith now intend to take a closer look at experimental funding options for Gitcoin amid the success of the NFT bot idea and begin work on their next project.

Previously, Gitcoin has repeatedly funded various projects of the crypto industry, providing funds in the form of grants and bounty programs. For example, the decentralized platform sponsored DEX Uniswap, the MetaMask software cryptocurrency wallet, The Defiant DeFi magazine, and the Prysm Test Network as part of the Ethereum 2.0 launch. The platform has managed to secure various projects worth $29.2 million.

The proceeds from the sale of Moonshot Bots' pixel robotic avatars will be used by the organization for grants to support Open Supply Web3 and the “common good”.

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