In an interview with Bloomberg, David Marcus, head of Facebook Financial and one of the founders of Diem, said the company is pondering how to support consumer interest in non-fungible tokens.

According to Markus, when a company has a convenient Novi cryptocurrency wallet, it's time to think about how its customers can purchase and store NFTs. Therefore, according to him, Facebook is seriously considering how exactly it can participate in the rapidly growing industry of non-fungible tokens.

Markus said that the social giant is considering several options for introducing NFT functionality into its ecosystem. In addition, he stressed that Novi was ready for launch, but the social network decided to postpone it until the appropriate approvals from regulators were obtained. However, the Libra story ended before it began. In 2019, Facebook released a white paper of its stablecoin, backed by dollars, pounds, yen, and Singapore dollars, but soon postponed the launch due to pressure from the US financial departments. The result of this was the transformation into the Diem Association and a complete change in the course of the project pegged exclusively to the US dollar.

Nevertheless, the head of Facebook Financial is confident that the launch of the Novi cryptocurrency wallet is possible without being tied to Diem. Although, at the same time, he called this launch option "an edge case", since they need both components to make this event a success.

In an interview, Markus also mentioned bitcoin, noting that when transferring money around the world, the price of an asset sent by people should not fall by 10% or 20% in just a day. Such instability, in his opinion, is unacceptable when it comes to transferring funds.

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