iPhone 11 Sales Breaks All Records
According to the latest foreign media reports, China is showing high demand for the iPhone 11, and sales of the iPhone 11 Pro are breaking records in the US market. Sales increased by 230%, while last year's flagships showed the result of only 110%. Analysts believe that Apple will sell about 185 million iPhones in the next financial year (September 2019 - October 2020). The addition of a wide-angle sensor had a particularly good effect on sales of the iPhone 11. Also, its price is $699, $50 less than the iPhone XR. Apple announced the release of its quarterly earnings report on October 30th. But it will perform only two weeks of sales of the iPhone 11 series, and the most “hot” sales period - October, November, and December will be taken into account in the fourth quarter`s report. The positive results of the flagship sales will allow Apple to start producing iPhone with support for 5G networks as soon as possible. Thus, the company will be able to win a potentially profitable market from competitors. Recent researches have shown that the company's smartphones are the best buy in the long run, especially compared to the flagships of other manufacturers.