“We are planning to cover all countries of the world”: A Big Interview With the Founder of the Project Joys

joys interview

Thanks to the cryptocurrency industry, we learned about many progressive projects that have made our life better. Here comes another promising startup, which is conducting an ICO to realize its idea. We talked with the CEO of Joys – Andrey Mikhailishin – to learn more about the concept of a platform for cryptocurrency payments.

Hello Andrey. Tell us about your product. What makes it stand out from thousands of similar payment services?

Hello! Joys is a payment service for conducting legal transactions in any cryptocurrency when buying goods and services. Joys is a global open source blockchain platform built on a private Ethereum network, which allows you to add almost any cryptocurrency and token as a means of payment.

Many companies solve the problem of cryptocurrency payments with the help of blockchain, covering many areas: from interbank cross-border payments to private p2p transactions: CoinBase, BitPay, Coinify, PundiX, Bitwala, Wirex, Blockchain Merchant, LoyaltyX, LoyalCoin, etc. The biggest problem of almost all projects is the violation of the legislation of most countries in the circulation of cryptocurrencies. The second problem is the restriction of the scope of the existing solutions for retail. The third problem is the need to install new cash register equipment or issue special payment cards.

Joys is integrated into the POS-systems of stores providing regular business logic of sales. Joys applies the loyalty programs, prepaid and gift cards authorized by the laws of mechanics, as well as the technology of handling digital coupons to implement processes where cryptocurrencies are used as payment means. The project achieves legal purity when making payments in cryptocurrency in such a way, allowing to place such purchases in the legal field. It follows from the analysis that the project is unique at the cryptocurrency market, given all of its solutions.

Why did you decide to create such a platform?

We created Joys as a means of bringing together the classical monetary system and the new, blockchain-based one, to make the economy of society more effective. We expand the application scope of any blockchain project’s cryptocurrency in retail stores and service companies, thereby involving classical retail in the blockchain community, contributing to the development of cryptocurrency in general and the currencies of projects that have joined Joys. The Joys platform enables people to pay for real purchases in regular stores with any liquid digital money or tokens.

The infrastructure which is built by the Joys project team has an open API: a bank, payment system or a regulator can not block it. And this infrastructure does not depend on international payment systems, such as VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay or others. We also strive to unite the infrastructures of other projects in the field of blockchain, such as: MPС 123. We open it to other projects – this gives us a competitive advantage!

What other cryptocurrencies besides BTC and ETH can you pay with?

Our payment service currently supports five cryptocurrencies: JOYS, BTC, ETH, BTH, LTC. We are working on adding all new cryptocurrencies. A complete list of planned cryptocurrencies for addition can be found on our website https://joys.digital and in our WP.

Please, explain to our readers how the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money takes place in user’s bank accounts?

I want to note that users of Joys do not need to open any bank accounts. You need to install the application, undergo the KYC procedure, register a wallet of a desired cryptocurrency and replenish it.

At the time of the purchase, the cryptocurrency chosen by the customer is transferred from his/her wallet to the exchange and converted into fiat money: EUR or USD according to the current exchange rate. Then the transaction is conducted through the banking system to the country where the purchase was made. The resident bank exchanges EUR or USD for the country’s currency and  transfers funds in the national currency to the account of the store. This procedure takes from 1 working day.

What are the dates of your ICO and what stage is it most profitable for an investor to buy tokens at?

We divided the ICO into three stages in accordance with the plans to enter different markets. Sale stages:

Stage I: June 21 – September 04, 2018
Stage II: January 10 – April 10, 2019
Stage III: July 01 – October 10, 2019

In addition, the price varies within phase I, gradually increasing towards the end. Therefore, it’s best to buy tokens as early as possible. In the remaining stages, the placement price will be tied to the current value of the JOYS coin.

Where will Joys work?

In the final stage, we plan to cover all countries of the world. Achieving this goal will take a long time, so we divided the work into three major stages:

Stage I – CIS and Europe.
Stage II – Asia and Africa.
Stage III – America, Australia and Oceania.

What companies are already working with you and who else are you planning to cooperate with?

We have several areas of cooperation.

Financial institutions: International payment system 123, VEB, Alfa Bank, etc.Manufacturers of the cash register software: Scheidt & Bachmann, Micros, Barcode-M, DENSI Cashier, EVOTOR, 1С8, UniPOS, Pro-T-5, Артикс, Regard Software, Service Plus,International organizations: Grand Alliance, Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, BRICS Business Council.
Projects: Rate & Goods, ZODIAQ, Smart Valley, etc.

We are currently working with many other companies and are open to possible partnerships.

Will the list of stores and other offline areas working with Joys expand in the future?

This is our main task. We will constantly increase the number of our partners and stores.

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More Than a Dozen Fraud ICOs Were Shut Down by the SEC in 2018

The Securities and Exchange Commission has published a paper summing up their work in the fiscal year of 2018. This year has been abundant with illegal activities in the sphere of digital assets, including ICOs

According to the report:

As of the close of FY 2018, the SEC had brought over a dozen stand alone enforcement actions involving digital assets and ICOs.”

The Commission put a special emphasis on fraudulent ICOs promoted by celebrities and the so-called “decentralized banks” that tend to flee with the investors’ money.

We remind you:

The SEC Creates a Special Department to Keep an Eye Open for ICOs

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TheFund.io: Investment Fund of the Future

Investments are an integral part of the modern financial world. They are the fuel that feed most businesses and enterprises. We need to invest into our future (education, business, health, real estate) in order for it to be happy and successful. However, besides its advantages, investments bring along multiple risks, and inexperienced investors can suffer massive financial losses. Proper investments require taking into consideration lots of different details and subtleties, full involvement into the process and, most importantly, a set of skills needed in a specific area of investment, especially when it comes to such new and unexplored industries as cryptocurrencies. Most people have neither the necessary knowledge, nor time to conduct successful investments, that is why they need a real professional to take up this responsibility.

What is TheFund.io?

TheFund.io is a perfect solution for those who are looking to make safe and profitable investments. It is a fund based on the blockchain technology which automatically makes it more secure and transparent than any other investment fund. The main objective of this project is building a strong connection between conventional businesses and crypto universe. In addition to helping the customers to receive stable income on the investments, TheFund.io also strives to promote and finance promising crypto projects and startups.

The structure of TheFund.io

The platform is divided into two big parts, and the users can choose where they want to participate.

  1. A perfect option for those who want to invest in a specific project and then let the money from the investment accumulate on their accounts, creating a passive source of income.
  2. A voting system where the participants choose the most interesting and promising projects. The influence of each vote directly depends on the number of tokens possessed by the voter.

ICO details

The project is currently at its pre-ICO phase which will last till the 4th of November, The main ICO starts immediately after, on the 5th of November, and will finish on the 28th of April of the next year. The platform’s currency, TFIO token, will cost 0.00125 ETH per coin. The soft cap of the project is $1 million, whereas the hard cap is $25 million. The currencies accepted include BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, TRX. TheFund.io offers bonuses and a bounty program for its investors.

If you need more info on this revolutionary project or its initial coin offering, feel free to visit its official website.

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Decentralized Evaluation of Innovation Projects

Historically, a key advantage of successful people has been their insight. As a rule, such a skill is a gift received at birth and is developed throughout their life. For centuries using the opinions of astute people has been a common business practice – in modern times this relationship usually takes the form of hiring professional evaluators; contractors, real estate appraisers and so on.

Innovation projects have always been difficult to evaluate. In the last century, when making decisions regarding technology investments, we had access only to the opinions of local experts. But with the advent of the Information Age, evaluation periods for start-ups and scientific projects have been shortened and the quality of those evaluations have improved dramatically. As a consequence of these improvements, it became possible for the start-ups themselves to become more complex, and their numbers to grow geometrically. This unstoppable growth of innovation projects was fired by the global economy and the accessibility of resources, thanks to global networks.

The successful rise of crowdfunding platforms contributed to the birth of the ICO, which of course is a valuable instrument, despite the fact that 90% of them are doomed to failure, or are scams. In this regard I share the opinion of Andreas Antonopoulos in everything except the date of the revolution, which we hope to accelerate. Undoubtedly, given the abundance of innovation start-ups combined with the wish of the “crowd” to invest their savings into ventures, we need an instrument to conveniently analyze start-ups which are (as a rule) very complex and always unique. Personally, I often caught myself learning about other cryptocurrency projects just by skimming through them. It’s hard to estimate how many important details I may have missed among hundreds and thousands of phonies.

In my opinion, at the current state of development of internet society, we require * smart * organization of the increasing flow of information (something which Google, Facebook and others have been doing in their fields for a long time) and especially around business processes.

For the last two years, we have been working on the Scientificcoin project, which aims to change relationships in the financing of science. Since innovative IT start-ups are roughly comparable to applied science projects, I would like to touch upon the topic of assessing and rating ICOs, and describe the platforms that are available today. 😉

ICOBENCH, ICORATING and others (as far as I know there are at least 10 of them) are platforms for ICO rating. Most of them provide advertising services, which, by definition, contradict the tasks of their platforms. But unfortunately such services cannot exist on a non-commercial basis, and neither can media resources, nor can any service that creates the information background that surrounds us.

A few days ago I received an offer from a stranger through Telegram messenger offering to raise our rating on ICOBENCH to the maximum level for a fee of about $ 2000, all the details of the correspondence can be found here. But the Scientificcoin project is not an ICO, and this fact is described in most references to us. In addition, ironically, in several articles I have described the existing rating platforms as an evil  which would eventually be defeated by decentralization of the assessment process.

Every business is concerned with what comes up when Googling their own names. If you google “Scientificcoin”, then on the first page you will see two of our official sites and several rating sites. At the top of the list was ICObench, in which our project has a rating of 3.4 points out of 5 possible. Earlier, I did not pay attention to such assessments, since we are not looking for funding through crowdfunding and a low assessment cannot inconvenience us. This offer offended me with the notion that since there was a proposal, then there must be some demand for these services. Don’t their clients ask themselves on what basis and by whom was their project evaluated? Which investors will listen to this apparently unreliable evaluation?

As an experiment, I spent $ 400 (2 ETH) to raise our rating by 0.2 points.  My new friend did not deceive me, and I received laudatory comments from two experts and a rating of +0.2. Obviously, where there are tools for manipulation, there will be people who want to use them.

Both platform moderators and independent experts may succumb to such manipulative tactics, because there is no reliable algorithm for controlling them. The same problems exist on a larger scale in the assessment of state venture funds and grantors, where not only officials build corruption schemes, but also some scientists, knowing that their scientific work cannot be assessed or verified. Compared to the ICO rating, the scale of annual financial losses due to science fraud, especially at the state level, is simply enormous.

Returning to the problem of evaluating scientific projects, it is important to note that money is not always the cause of inefficiency in the existing model. Unfortunately, in the closed scientific community, the opinion of a famous scientist can put an end to the development of a new technology. Fearing to oppose a better-known scientist, the bosses and advisors of young talents may hack at the roots of his venture. People unfamiliar with the scientific community believe that most promising projects should have support and be implemented, but unfortunately science is performed by people subject to the same sins as the rest of us.

For example, the vanity of a famous scientist is often the cause of influence on the creations of young minds. Driven by the power of fame and recognition, many good people do not notice that their actions disallow young people to surpass their own works, and since scientific activities are difficult to assess and the number of experts is limited, there is simply no one to condemn their actions.

We use blockchain technology to create and ensure impartial conditions that will contribute to the development of scientific research. Due to the mathematical algorithm and decentralized expert evaluation, each scientific development will be provided with an unbiased, fair rating.

Capitalizing on the benefits of Internet culture, decentralized evaluation will significantly modify current relationships within the scientific community and their connections to venture businesses. These conditions will guarantee an honest rating to venture investors, on which they can rely when choosing a project for investment. The experts will be academics with academic degrees, some of which can work anonymously, as well as representatives of various professions whose expert opinion can be significant only in large numbers, creating the so-called “wisdom of the crowd”.

Using blockchain technology, we will create a database without the possibility of centralized moderation; each user’s comment will be recorded permanently. Not only popular but also appropriate comments will be ranked for users to view. Today, the largest forum about blockchain technology and its derivatives https://bitcointalk.org/ has collided with this crisis, where any commercial project announcement won’t last even 15 minutes on the first page of the forum without the services of expensive PUMPERS to keep it there.

Comments from active users with the status of an expert in a certain scientific area will be displayed in a separate block in order to separate the opinions of professionals from ordinary users. Going to that user’s profile will allow you to read all their comments and view the history of their ratings.

While the user of the platform is reading comments, their typical actions and projects viewed will be recorded by the AI, which in the future will allow the user to receive relevant and interesting topics for him first and foremost. It’s no secret that such technologies are already being used by Google and others, and will continue to be developed, but certainly the decentralization implanted in our algorithms will introduce an element of trust.

The work of improving the algorithm will be endless, and for this we have provided a *blockchain vote* where every holder of Scientificcoin will be able to vote and check the results; it’s a pity that such a system will not soon be available to citizens when choosing their own government!

(c) CEO Scientificcoin Maxim Dvedenidov

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Interview with FlyMining: “I believe we are still the only cloud mining service that actually allows to pay electricity fees with USD or EUR!”

Would you like to mine and not pay huge bills for electricity? We are sure that yes. Therefore, we present FlyMining – a new solution that provides customers with the best equipment and the fastest computing power. Dmitriy Elisov, CEO of the project, shared with the editors of The Coin Shark the details of creating the project, as well as plans for its implementation in the future.

Dmitriy, why did you decide to create a project in the field of mining? What goals did you set for yourself?

I got into Bitcoin mining just when the turmoil was building up – around August 2017. Once I got a call from the man that I knew was going to invest in some IT business, but we never had business together. This man knew that I was a specialist in computer science and just casually asked me what I thought about Bitcoin. What did I know about Bitcoin? Well, I thought that it was some kind of ponzi scheme, to say the least. And that was what I answered.

But you do not get calls from prospective investors every day, so I started my own investigation. And oh my, I found that actually Bitcoin is not a ponzi! It had enormous amount of software, services and businesses build around it. Not a single ponzi can brag having so much infrastructure around it. So then I knew this thing is serious and we need to get into it.

Once we were planning to mine for our own, and we still do it. Now our goal with cloud mining is to attract more investment sooner, build more facilities and have better conditions for ourselves and our clients.

Tell us about the advantages of FlyMining for users. How will they save on electricity payments with your project?

It is very easy to explain, but not easy to obtain if you are not a large farm. Not a single homeowner can have electricity as cheap as a large electricity-consuming facility. Simply because we take electricity at higher voltage, 10 kilovolts instead of 220 volts, we pay 20% less per kWh. And that we did not even negotiate! We also negotiate a lot because of stable consuming (usually businesses have spikes in daytime and lows during nighttimes, so we are an ideal consumer for an electricity company).

Our farm now is in Russia because of cheap electricity and climate, but it is not the final destination. We are looking into Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan where we can get great temperatures and excellent electricity prices. People are very friendly and honest there, which is also a great bonus.

I get a lot of questions why we have containers instead of buildings.  Because we are mining in containers, we can easily move the farm to a better place. Not so for businesses who invested a lot in their buildings!

What currencies will you be able to pay with for electricity from your mining revenue?

I believe we are still the only cloud mining service that actually allows to pay electricity fees with USD or EUR!

It is easy to understand why nobody else does that – it is actually a huge slice of pie for cloud mining companies. That create their own exchange rate for your Bitcoins when they deduct for electricity. Just 2% of those payments is a pretty large sum that they get every day!

They have to do that because their electricity price is not as low as ours. If we were located in USA or Europe, we also would have to do some tricks, but our electricity is very cheap, so we can go ahead and create unique propositions without and dark schemes.

If to speak in more detail, with a help of which functions a user can be sure that the equipment for which he or she paid works?

That’s one of the most important questions, I think. How do our customers know that we will be on the same place where we are today?

First of all, our company is based in Europe with its strict laws. This is a huge guarantee that we will not do anything that is not written in T&C!

As of checking that equipment works – it is easy. We have our cloud mining farm webcams that are looking at $1.5m worth of equipment 24/7. This farm is decorated with a large logo of Flymining, so you know that it is our farm and we are not streaming somebody else’s picture.

And last but not least – you can just withdraw every day. We have the lowest withdrawal fee we have ever seen, so that should not be a problem. You will not find a single comment in the whole internet that the payout was declined or postponed.

Dmitriy, is the price for tariffs in the service already set?

We are still pivoting a lot, as we are still in the startup phase.  Please just check our “Pricing” page for the current pricing!

When is the FlyMining team planning to fully implement their idea?

When at least 1% of human population will be involved in Bitcoin mining and will be controlling on which pool they are mining to avoid centralization.

Right now even 1% KNOWS about Bitcoin! That’s how much work we still have to do.

How to join your project?

That’s easy! Visit https://flymining.cloud and sign up!

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Capella Tokens For Renewable Energy: Let’s Save the Planet Together

  • What does green energy mean to you? Trees and forests? Natural resources? Climate? So many things come to our minds. But have you ever heard that green energy can be turned into digital asset? If no, then let’s take a look on the Capella project, that literally may save the Earth’s ecosystem.

The essence of Capella

Capella is a blockchain-based decentralized network, aiming at distribution, transaction and using the energy freely and securely. Its coin (CPL) will be used by consumers of all types, namely farming, industrial, corporate, to buy and sell renewable energy or machinery for its sources.

Main benefits

  • Peer-to-peer Energy Trading platform:

The Team of Capella has developed a very useful app, called Matrix, for its customers. The latter can operate it as the trading platform, where every piece of information will be placed in table and the users will be able to trade energy on it. The most important is that such transactions may reduce the excess energy wastage.

  • Internet of Energy:

Capella is craving at creating Internet, but for energy area. It will help to manage the energy system in smarter way, allow to track big data of energy consumption, make its infrastructure more vivid and interconnected.

  • Smart and Instant Energy Management:

The overall picture of the situation (collected and monitored data) in energy sphere enables to improve the energy management systems on side of supply, as well as demand. The formation of Smart Grids simplifies communication between energy producers and consumers.

  • AI-powered App:

Native AI-powered App Matrix provides with a bunch of options to manage Big Analysis and the Smart Grid.

Pre-ICO details

The Pre-ICO will be held next year, from January 16 to February 28. The Capella Coin (CPL) will be allocated to buyers on a first-come. The total token supply is 2 billion. The USD/CAPELLA price is $0.50 USD. The soft cap is $5 million. The CPL tokens are created based on the Ethereum protocol. The KYC is provided.

If you are aware of climate changing, global warming, and planet’s heating, do not hesitate and invest in Capella, you will find more details here.

The Capella Team has refuted all the rumours about being a scam in video.

Direct speech of the Capella reperesentatives

“At Capella we are working to make Blockchain and Renewable energy work together. We need to reduce our dependence on Fossil fuels and make energy accessible to all. We have to make Energy Free in the longer run. To do that we have to make energy a tradable commodity and shift our dependence to renewables.  The Capella Ecosystem is trying to develop a robust platform where prosumers and consumers can trade and bid for energy and consumers are presented a choice of energy that they want to buy with the help of AI and Big Data. This is a massive and challenging job. We have seen that many people are doubting and bad mouthing our venture and trying to spread bad words about us. We strongly condemn that. At this point of time we need wholehearted support and participation from the Crypto community. We being a startup with limited resources and funding are doing our best effort to bootstrap and get the Project executed. At this point we are undergoing changes in our organization similar to the challenges faced by many startups.  But that does not mean that we are a fake team or we are signing up people without their knowledge. We are providing videos of many of our staff team members which would beyond doubt clear. Sometimes there could be uncanny similarities between photos of 2 people or there could have been some inadvertent mistakes from the designers point of view. But urging the crypto community to be patient and not judge us by these news or even do a media trial. We are a genuine team of professionals dedicated to roll Capella Ecosystem and make it benefits felt across. I hope everybody would cooperate. Donot spread rumors and scare away our supporters, advisors and potential investors.”

(c) The Capella Team

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MobileGO Announces the Partnership with Xsolla


MobileGO, known for providing special token MGO, announced the partnership with Xsolla, a game distributor and publisher that provides game developers/publishers with useful marketing tools and billing services.    

This collaboration will hasten the growth of the gaming market and make in-game payments much easier and faster than they have ever been.

About the MGO’s achievements

MobileGO is a project that has already asserted in today’s cryptomarket. Its major products have become popular among gamers all over the world.

By earning special currency with the help of the MGO token project a user contributes to the system’s protection and speeds up the massive adoption of cryptocurrency. Having such partner as Xsolla the safety of transactions will be more effective.

Did you know that MGO token is adopted by 500,000,000 users? This is the first ever altcoin that achieved such result, right next to Bitcoin. This success of MGO is provided by a few key factors — the fast-growing community of users worldwide, experienced team and really innovative approach to the gaming industry. MGO is the REVOLUTION in gaming that you can’t miss! It becomes the next Bitcoin!

Additionally, thanks to the recent partnership, 500 mln Xsolla users can pay for their favorite games and services with MGO tokens. MGO coin is the first altcoin that was added to the Xsolla billing platform. It means that except Bitcoin crypto-enthusiasts and gamers will be able to pay only with this altcoin. Surely, such achievement will definitely be very good for the development and growing of MobileGO’s ecosystem and MGO coin.

MGO tokens are good for:

  • Gamers – a reliable and safe payment method;
  • Publishers — it is a convenient, reliable way to withdraw money really fast (maximum within 60 hrs);
  • Esportsmen — can arrange their own esports tournaments and get/pay prizes in MGO tokens;

About the Xsolla’s achievements

Xsolla started as a small firm that provided payment services but over a few years expended globally. Today its clients are mostly American and European game publishers and developers. Among the new services of the Xsolla company there are tools for new game studios who seek self-publishing platforms.

The permanent expansion of Xsolla was not at random. Those ones who developed and published the games had difficulties with payment operations. There are too many services and an absence of the common denominator: that’s why transactions were slow and unsafe. The companies just lost their money.

The gaming industry needed solutions of these problems and Xsolla could suggest some:

  • safe and fast transactions;
  • flexible terms;
  • unified platforms for providing payments.

The company gets a percentage of the future income that developers and publishers are going to generate from their paying services.

The names of its products speak for themselves (as they’re popular and distributed now):

  • Xsolla Pay Station;
  • Xsolla Unity SDK;
  • Pay2Play, etc.

At last we can’t ignore the undoubted Xsolla’s contribution to the international eSports. For instance, the establishment of a new eSports Academy in 2015 must be mentioned. It’s a project with the educational direction available for everyone who is engaged in eSports.

Benefits of MobileGO and Xsolla

The partnership of MobileGO and Xsolla opens up new opportunities on their in-game payment system:

  • Acceleration of the payment procedures for gamers and developers by means of two special in-game currencies;
  • Facilitation of settlement with no need resorting to additional services;
  • Safety of tokens’ exchange operation regardless of what currency you are going to get for;
  • Loyalty programs for customers;
  • Mutual development that will definitely benefit eSports and mobile gaming market.

Synergy of these companies is of interest of everyone who is considered as belonging to the gaming world: not only game developers and publishers but gamers as well. So it’s about millions of people – that’s why the partnership and collaboration can be considered as a big deal. It’s beneficial to all gamers and crypto-enthusiasts.

The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.