Interview with Marco Robinson: Bitcoin is the Best Performing Asset of All Time

Nowadays pretty much everyone has an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur and investor. With the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain, perhaps it has become even more accessible.

Today, we invited to talk Marco Robinson a man who not only managed to become a world-famous investor, but also created a number of successful projects. An Award Winning Entrepreneur, Prime Time TV Star, Philanthropist, #1 Bestselling Author, Winner of the iProperty People’s Choice Awards Best Real Estate Company, World Renowned Property Investor, and Restaurateur he knows how to make money work for you better than anyone.

Hello, Marco. First of all, let’s discuss your success as an investor. At what point in your life did you start investing in real estate, and why this particular area was one of the first you chose?

I first invested in real estate fairly late in life at 40 years old after I had a great business success and had quite a bit of money I didn’t know what to do with.

It was an interesting time in 2009 as it was the subprime crisis, I discovered properties were very cheap especially in the USA, and I found that fascinating so I started to study what made Real Estate go up and go down and wondered why this happened continually…I got so into this I decided to write a book about property cycles and what made them do that and I developed an algorithm based on four main drivers that triggered property price increases, they were:

  1. Cycles (economic cycles) for example in the UK there is a proven 18-year cycle
  2. Population growth. (Rent prices and property increased basically supply and demand.
  3. Structure plan. (What they are gonna build in the area, for example, new manufacturing, schools, etc)
  4. Local and individual property taxes & including friendly states and governments (some taxes are so high you can easily get negative cash flow)

When did you first learn about the blockchain technology, and how did it help you in the development of your projects?

I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015.

I saw as a real threat to the banking system which I liked very much and after some detailed research discovered it was a genuine reaction, I felt, to the US sub prime crisis which made 40 million people homeless. I loved the security of it and especially it’s decentralization, that it could not be shut down and the founder very cleverly could not be identified.

I was also looking for a loyalty solution to connect all my businesses including my restaurants, my cosmetics, my property, my travel, my education and film companies, a currency everybody could use that I could keep within my own eco-system, so I could keep my clients loyal and grow my client based with the best value proposition in the market place. That currency I created is called NAKED DOLLARS and is now listed on LATOKEN.

Besides NKD, what do you think about investments in cryptocurrency in general?

It’s a brand new sector and to be frank not even the end of day one yet. A lot of cowboys presented a fabulous whitepaper in 2016 and 2017 and made a fortune off speculation…2018 saw a massive correction and the crypto market lost 80% of its value in one year because of this and because not many people had a real product.

It is here to stay, only just yesterday JP MORGAN created their own cryptocurrency, governments are creating their own, they have to as the FIAT CASH currency system is not sustainable, a new debt system has to be created or the majority of the world will go bankrupt.

Bitcoin is the SAFEST currency in the world, it cannot be hacked, it has no founder, no company, no office, and no assets, yet it is the best performing asset of all time increasing 350,000% in ten years! You cannot ignore it at all!

Are there any startups in the cryptocurrency world which you have invested or would like to invest in?

There are very few I would because of the losses in 2018. New projects don’t just have to have great technology, they must have great founders with great track records in business and great profiles in terms of influence.

How do you feel about buying, for example, real estate for Bitcoin?

I’d rather keep the bitcoin it gives a higher return potentially. I would rather use other cryptocurrency like Ethereum to buy real estate.

However I also use a profit strategy, so when I make great profits in bitcoin I will buy real estate as real estate gives me great cash flow.

In what areas, do you think, the use of blockchain technology is necessary?

I think it’s critical in pretty much every industry to prove the origins of each product or service and the security of it, especially in supply chain businesses such as gold and diamond mining to supply to make sure they are not conflict diamonds etc. I also love the adoption to health and medicine, for example, if someone has an accident one drop of blood or even a thumbprint can track the entire medical history of that person in seconds and the perfect medication can be administered!

You are a well-known philanthropist and are famous for your good deeds for the homeless and the needy, because you know very well what it feels like to not have a home. Let’s talk about an 18-year-old teenage mother Holly, a part of the TV Show “Get a House for Free.” Have you thought about not just “giving a fish” to people, but also trying to “teach people to fish”, that is, to give the needy the knowledge of how to “get back on their feet”?

I’m already now doing that with FREEDOMX, where I have created a new charity social impact program where the victims of homelessness are rewarded on a merit based philosophy: “I help you if you help someone else” this is CONDITIONAL ALTRUISM, so we only help them if they want to be helped and IF they want to be microfinanced for a coffee shop on a bicycle, for example, they have to be certified and trained which lowers risk and creates a new economy for people to thrive in.

In what areas besides real estate, restaurant business, TV-shows would you like to or plan to realize yourself?

I’m making my first Hollywood movie “legacy of lies” next month, I helped fund the whole movie and my profits will be going to help the homeless

You can see the trailer here:

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Interview with Nye: The Collapse of Bitcoin in 2018 is All About the Market Cycles

The end of 2018 became a real challenge for cryptocurrency traders and holders. In a year, the BTC peak values have decreased by almost 4,5 times in price. Many people have left crypto community during this period, however many crypto experts not only “remain at duty” but also truly believe in the future of the cryptocurrency.

Today we want to show you this situation from the insider’s perspective. Nye is a specialist in digital marketing in the sphere of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Since 2017, Nye has been doing crypto business and trading, he is also creating his own brand and running his Elevated District company.

Good day, Nye! You are telling everybody about blockchain’s advantages globally. Tell us, please, how did you come to the point when you realised that blockchain is the technology of the future.

I think it came with learning more about our current financial systems, our current economic models; and seeing the potential that Bitcoin has, and the potential that blockchain has to change all those thing.

In your opinion, what problems is blockchain industry experiencing or why do so few people know about it?

I think a lot of people know about it. I don’t think the problem is knowledge, the problem is adoption. There isn’t any clear use cases. Well, let me rephrase that: there are clear use cases, but there have not been any clear implementations of those use cases on a broad mass scale yet. And until that happens, we are going to see some struggles.

What was the reason for the crypto market collapse in 2018? How soon will cryptocurrencies recover?

It is just about market cycles, so we are obviously at the very top of the market cycle, at around 19-20 thousand US dollars for a Bitcoin; and we’ve seen a significant, over 80%, drop in the last 12 months. That’s just how markets work – it can’t go up forever, it just doesn’t work that way. How soon will it recover – no one knows, that’s not an answer that anyone could predict.

Our usual question: what will be the rate of BTC in 2019?

I can’t predict the future. I have no idea.

Nye, please tell our readers, where will they be able to see or hear you in the near future?   

You guys can find me on Twitter @CryptoShillNye. My website is Any of those places.

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Interview with Mati Greenspan: What Will Happen to the Cryptocurrency Market in 2019?

The crypto industry is going through a hard period. The crypto community have so many question, e.g: “What will happen to the crypto market next?”,”Is it worth selling BTC?”. Well, only the experts can answer on this questions.

Mati Greenspan is a member of Business Insider, he is often cited by financial media, a regular participant of, FX-Street, and etc., co-author of “The Complete Guide to Fintech, Trading, and Investments”.

He will be our financial guide in the latest events in the world of cryptocurrency.

Good day, Mati! In your opinion, the collapse of the crypto market and subsequent investors’ financial losses in October-November 2018, is it a sudden phenomenon or is it just certain historical events which lead to this end?

Hi Coin Shark. Thanks for having me. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is just a continuation of the pullback we’ve been seeing throughout the year. The break below $6,000 per bitcoin was a serious psychological blow as the barrier that was holding up for months was broken quite suddenly.

Do you consider cryptocurrency more like an investment tool or do you really envision the near future, in which we will be able to buy a Coca-Cola for BTC in a store at any place on Earth?

Great question! Bitcoin specifically is a form of global money and the levels of awareness and adoption is growing at a rapid pace but what we’re talking about here is programmable money.

There are many different types of cryptos that serve many different functions. As we go forward, more types of crypto assets will be developed. Some will be designed for investment purposes and some will be more practical and some may serve functions that we haven’t even thought of yet.

In your view, do cryptocurrencies have any real value?

Yes, of course! They’re worth whatever the market is willing to pay for them. Some will rise in value and some will fall.

Which new cryptocurrencies (that appeared in 2018) do you consider to be worth investor’s attention?

2018 saw a lot of new stable coins hit the market, which is a trend that might not be exciting for to-the-moon investors but it is worth watching closely. We need to think of these new stable coins as digital versions of their fiat counterparts. This will pave the way for the next level of tokenized assets that is coming soon.

Briefly, what does a cryptocurrency investment portfolio look like? What are the main rules for investor not to lose all their money?

Just one rule. Diversification!

Not just crypto either. There are all kinds of investments you can make. Stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs. The more you learn about different types of markets the better off you’ll be.

What is your personal forecast for the financial world in 2019 in general and for cryptocurrency in particular?   

This last year was extremely volatile and even a bit harsh for many different assets including stocks, crypto, commodities, and even currencies. There’s fair a possibility that this could continue into next year but I’m hoping that things will relax and regain composure by the second quarter of 2019.

We’ll see how it plays out.

Learn more here:

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Interview with George Gor, CEO of “CoinIdol” and a Former Chief Editor of “Cointelegraph”: “We are creating a real-world brand”

The Coin Shark media news outlet turned one year old. At the beginning of our journey, being a young shark, we are doing our best to emulate the larger inhabitants of the crypto world. It is these two digital editorships that initially became our benchmarks for quality, style and professionalism.

Today, it is difficult to imagine the crypto industry without vivid information resources, such as “Cointelegraph” and “CoinIdol”. But after all, people are not born stars, they become stars. This is what we will talk about with George Gor, a man who has worked hard to make these two resources outstanding.

Hello, George. Tell us, please, how did your professional career in Blockchain begin, and how did you start working with “Cointelegraph”?

I’m NOT a co-founder of CoinTelegraph, but I’m a co-creator of the business model from its first days. But there is a rule to keep commercial secrets of the company that you’ve worked with. That’s exactly the situation with CoinTelegraph. I have an NDA with the owners of CoinTelegraph. All details that I could disclose are given in this article at Coinidol.

Since I quit the team of CoinTelegraph in spring 2016, our team has started with an improved business model than our previous project.

We are getting more business results with less resources involved. Moreover, we are creating a real-world brand with a cartoon hero behind it.

The idea of the website is a hero, a knight that is a friend of highlander, who lives for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. He has an eternal mission, which is very good and bright, but almost impossible. He wants to find the best ever money, based on the principles of goodness, fairness, and equality. He wants to find the best ever coin in the universe. He wants to find the coin that is ideal for all people. The one that can be respected and admired very much.

This knight is known as CoinIdol, because of that goal. This knight is the witness of other people on the field of events around cutting-edge financial technologies. He founded that media together with our team. His will is the real origin of this project.

We have animated our hero in a real cartoon as an experiment: 

We will develop this project of the Coinidol Video News Channel.

You have mentioned in your story that you are conducting training for employees worldwide. How important is the team for a large-scale resource and what should it look like in an ideal scenario?

People are the most important part of the business. You can not conquer new markets if you don’t have a strong army of well-prepared staff. Even if you have the coolest armor in the world, you can still lose the battle if you don’t have the best warriors behind you. I prefer to build the business on the principles of “Sparta”, where a small number of well-trained people can do big deals. That’s why training every person is the key to success. I prefer to teach people from zero than to hire people that were prepared for the profession by somebody else. Some of the people that were taught by me as team members at CoinTelegraph are top managers in the world of Blockchain projects at the moment. It’s a pleasure for me to know that. But I will not give their names without their permission.

From the perspective of your experience, how long is the period of growth and development of the media? In other words, when creating a resource from scratch, how many years will it take, in your opinion, for it to reach the peak of its development?

It’s sad to say, but a news outlet can die at any moment. There is no guarantee that the resource will grow. Everything depends on the team of top managers, if they have the vision of monetisation for the project or they don’t. If you are doing any mass media business one year and you do not have revenue, you’d better quit the market. That’s the rule. Only 1 in 10 new projects survive.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the number of crypto media outlets has increased dramatically. What can you say about this?

There are a lot of projects that appeared after the start of in June 2016 and they are already dead or half dead today in November 2018.

Most of the newly appearing crypto media outlets are just temporary guests in the market. When we started we had zero readers and now we have ⅓ million monthly pageviews. Our audience is gradually growing. We will do our best to have 10 million per month by 2020. Our secret is a stable business model invulnerable to market fluctuations. Right now the market is falling. That’s the reason we receive a lot of job applications from people, who were fired from just closed blockchain news outlets and blogs. Mass media is a tough job to be in. You have to be very experienced to sail in that sea. I’ve spent 20 years in the profession of top-manager, mass-media, advertising and public relations. But it’s still a struggle for me to do every new project.

What projects besides “CoinIdol” are you working on now? In which areas, other than cryptocurrency, will we hear about the success of George Gor?

We will develop the brand of Coinidol. We will start an Italian version of Coinidol in December 2018 with a web address:

There are other projects for our team, but we have NDAs with our partners, that’s why I can not discuss them. Our job is to help the biggest international decentralized teams promote the Blockchain and CryptoCoins industry.

We have gathered a huge audience in 174 countries around the world and we will increase the number of our readers with new languages which we will add to Coinidol next year.

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Interview with Mark van Rijmenam: In 2019 We Will See More Blockchain Projects Coming to Fruition

How often do you have questions about cryptocurrency that no one can answer? How many times have you had them in your head before investing in a dubious project or in the most popular cryptocurrencies? And how does this blockchain even work? We often need an assistant or an inner voice that will put everything in its place. The Coin Shark will introduce this person to you.

We ask the most relevant questions about cryptocurrency to our experts, professionals in crypto and blockchain business. Today, our “inner voice” will be Mark van Rijmenam, founder Datafloq, named global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people. 

Hello, Mark. What do you think, what problems can be solved using blockchain at the global level?

Blockchain is a paradigm shift, a fundamental technology that will change every industry. Blockchain is relevant everywhere there is a trust issue (when individuals, organisations or things have to collaborate) and when there is a transaction. Blockchain is especially relevant for the financial sector and the supply chain sector, but blockchain can also be used for social good. In our latest book, Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World, we discuss how blockchain can contribute to solving issues such as poverty, climate change, fraud, corruption, censorship, identity theft, etc.

What is the most extraordinary and unique project you had to work with?

Personally, I find the projects that look at using blockchain to solve real-world problems the most interesting. Projects that aim to offer us a self-sovereign identity for example, such as Sovrin or uPort, have the opportunity to change how we deal with identity. That can also be used for developing countries, as over 1,5 billion people still lack a government-issued identity. Also, those projects that aim to help the 2 billion unbanked in our world, such as Humaniq, are very important.

How can your own Datafloq project affect crypto and tech industry?

Our objective is to help the community with relevant articles on blockchain, crypto and other technologies including big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. In addition, we are about to launch a new project that could help in the massive fake news problem we have.

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? If so, do you prefer well-known coins or new projects?

I do have different cryptocurrencies. Whichever project I decide to participate in, I always look at what the product is that they are developing, who the team is, how long they have been working on it, what code is already there, do they already have an alpha or beta version, etc. For me to participate in a new project means that I need to have a very good understanding that the project is capable of achieving what it wants to achieve.

Your forecast: what future awaits crypto industry and all holders of cryptocurrency in 2019?

Hopefully, 2019 will see a more stable environment due to global regulations being put in place how to deal with ICOs (although I am aware that it takes time to achieve that). In 2019, we will also see more blockchain projects coming to fruition and delivering real-world products and services. Slowly, the decentralised ecosystem will become to appear as the technology required for that becomes ready. 2019 will be a very interesting year!

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Interview with FlyMining: “I believe we are still the only cloud mining service that actually allows to pay electricity fees with USD or EUR!”

Would you like to mine and not pay huge bills for electricity? We are sure that yes. Therefore, we present FlyMining – a new solution that provides customers with the best equipment and the fastest computing power. Dmitriy Elisov, CEO of the project, shared with the editors of The Coin Shark the details of creating the project, as well as plans for its implementation in the future.

Dmitriy, why did you decide to create a project in the field of mining? What goals did you set for yourself?

I got into Bitcoin mining just when the turmoil was building up – around August 2017. Once I got a call from the man that I knew was going to invest in some IT business, but we never had business together. This man knew that I was a specialist in computer science and just casually asked me what I thought about Bitcoin. What did I know about Bitcoin? Well, I thought that it was some kind of ponzi scheme, to say the least. And that was what I answered.

But you do not get calls from prospective investors every day, so I started my own investigation. And oh my, I found that actually Bitcoin is not a ponzi! It had enormous amount of software, services and businesses build around it. Not a single ponzi can brag having so much infrastructure around it. So then I knew this thing is serious and we need to get into it.

Once we were planning to mine for our own, and we still do it. Now our goal with cloud mining is to attract more investment sooner, build more facilities and have better conditions for ourselves and our clients.

Tell us about the advantages of FlyMining for users. How will they save on electricity payments with your project?

It is very easy to explain, but not easy to obtain if you are not a large farm. Not a single homeowner can have electricity as cheap as a large electricity-consuming facility. Simply because we take electricity at higher voltage, 10 kilovolts instead of 220 volts, we pay 20% less per kWh. And that we did not even negotiate! We also negotiate a lot because of stable consuming (usually businesses have spikes in daytime and lows during nighttimes, so we are an ideal consumer for an electricity company).

Our farm now is in Russia because of cheap electricity and climate, but it is not the final destination. We are looking into Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan where we can get great temperatures and excellent electricity prices. People are very friendly and honest there, which is also a great bonus.

I get a lot of questions why we have containers instead of buildings.  Because we are mining in containers, we can easily move the farm to a better place. Not so for businesses who invested a lot in their buildings!

What currencies will you be able to pay with for electricity from your mining revenue?

I believe we are still the only cloud mining service that actually allows to pay electricity fees with USD or EUR!

It is easy to understand why nobody else does that – it is actually a huge slice of pie for cloud mining companies. That create their own exchange rate for your Bitcoins when they deduct for electricity. Just 2% of those payments is a pretty large sum that they get every day!

They have to do that because their electricity price is not as low as ours. If we were located in USA or Europe, we also would have to do some tricks, but our electricity is very cheap, so we can go ahead and create unique propositions without and dark schemes.

If to speak in more detail, with a help of which functions a user can be sure that the equipment for which he or she paid works?

That’s one of the most important questions, I think. How do our customers know that we will be on the same place where we are today?

First of all, our company is based in Europe with its strict laws. This is a huge guarantee that we will not do anything that is not written in T&C!

As of checking that equipment works – it is easy. We have our cloud mining farm webcams that are looking at $1.5m worth of equipment 24/7. This farm is decorated with a large logo of Flymining, so you know that it is our farm and we are not streaming somebody else’s picture.

And last but not least – you can just withdraw every day. We have the lowest withdrawal fee we have ever seen, so that should not be a problem. You will not find a single comment in the whole internet that the payout was declined or postponed.

Dmitriy, is the price for tariffs in the service already set?

We are still pivoting a lot, as we are still in the startup phase.  Please just check our “Pricing” page for the current pricing!

When is the FlyMining team planning to fully implement their idea?

When at least 1% of human population will be involved in Bitcoin mining and will be controlling on which pool they are mining to avoid centralization.

Right now even 1% KNOWS about Bitcoin! That’s how much work we still have to do.

How to join your project?

That’s easy! Visit and sign up!

The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.

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Interview with Eternal Trusts: “We believe that our protocol has the potential to spawn many new business models”


Have you ever wondered how many different ICOs there are out there? Almost every day we see the start of a project and it is quite difficult to find a bright idea among such a variety. Today we will talk a project that falls into this category – Eternal Trusts. On October 1 it will finish its ICO. While we still have time to get to know this project better, we will speak with its CEO – Kirill Silvestrov, who will tell us all the details of crypto-protocol based on trust.

Hello, Kirill. Tell us about how Eternal Trusts was created. Why did you decide to implement this idea?

7 years ago, while I was doing my MBA in the INSEAD business school in Singapore, one of the assignments was to show how money works over time. The professor told us to evaluate the power of compound interest. The case study was a very specific investment made 400 years ago – the sale of Manhattan Island by Native Americans for 23 dollars, which is now considered one of the most unlucky trades in the history of mankind. If this small amount of money had been managed in a bank account for 10% per annum, nowadays it would have grown up to five hundred quadrillion dollars. This was the first time I started thinking about how we can use this long-term power of compound interest to benefit people.

Then, some time later, about 4 years ago, I was talking to Swiss lawyers that were specializing in creating the so-called trust funds or simply trusts. Typically, a trust is a special type of legal agreement that provides a trusted third party with the right to hold and spend assets according to a specific goal set by the trust settlor. Trusts can, in theory, exist for unlimited amount of time, and the assets put in those trusts are managed and grown according to low-risk investment strategies. At the same time, the Trustee, or the manager of the trust, can not only protect your money, but also spend it on your long-term goal that you initially proposed, be it supporting your family or a charity of some kind in the long-term.

The problem is, trustees still work on centuries-old principles, that’s why a trust fund is a very expensive legal infrastructure to establish and to manage, which requires a lot of paperwork. I kept looking for a fiduciary product that would look appealing for a mass market today. With the emergence of blockchain and smart contracts technologies, it became obvious that acting on behalf of someone or executing some long-term goals can be algorithmized and made much more secure and transparent. That’s how the idea of creating a smart contracts-based fiduciary solution evolved.

What we’re doing is building the world’s first fiduciary crypto protocol for trustees, fiduciaries, and estate planners. The inherent qualities of blockchain and smart contracts allowed us to design a crypto model of a trust fund which outperforms and outcompetes its traditional predecessor. We make this model available for integration to any financial service providers interested in accepting cryptocurrencies, integrating blockchain into their business processes for better security and flexibility, and offering an innovative model of trusted asset administration to their clients. That’s how we plan to revolutionize the whole industry of wealth management.

What potential benefit do you think it will bring to mankind?

Setting up a trust is a guarantee that your legacy will have a lasting influence. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to fulfill his or her fiduciary needs. However, since the trust market has not experienced any radical change with the advent of new technology and is still based on centuries-old principles, trusts as traditional legal structures are currently incapable of securely incorporating digital assets such as apps, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. As I stated before, the management fees involved are not affordable for most people, and the range of potential purposes is constrained by the limited expert networks that collaborate with trustees.

The mission of Eternal Trusts is to transform the fiduciary & wealth management market into an open ecosystem of innovative, secure, transparent, and affordable financial services. We offer our crypto protocol to banks, trustees, estate planners, and any other financial service providers that need fast and scalable collective decision making for administering assets and spending them to optimally fulfill a given purpose. The versatility of the protocol will allow those companies to fulfill a variety of fiduciary purposes for their clients: to structure succession or inheritance, to algorithmize financial support of their families for many years to come, to create pension plans, to support charitable goals, and to fulfill custom, extraordinary long-term purposes.

Is your product the first one on the market in this area? How does your idea differ from other similar ones?

So far, there has not been a product for trustees that would allow them to securely administer crypto assets. We are the first full-fledged smart contracts-based solution for the fiduciary industry. We aim to provide a constructor of customizable fiduciary dApps with interfaces for onboarding clients, a framework for recording private and public data of the clients onto the blockchain for indefinite storage, a system of smart contracts that establishes rules of interaction between participants, a “wallet” for accepting, trading, and storing cryptocurrencies; and several other crucial mechanisms that replicate the traditional “purpose trust” framework, making it flexible, transparent, and affordable for the end user. No one has come close to that. Also, we believe that our protocol has the potential to spawn many new business models.

Why did you decide to work with EOS, while most of the projects function on Ethereum?

Although Ethereum has first mover advantage, it is criticized for its lack of scalability and high transaction costs. Because of that, there have been no seriously valuable decentralized apps built on Ethereum, and the ecosystem is dominated by speculative trends.

We’ve done a very thorough research on the Ethereum ecosystem usability to pick the most optimal blockchain for creating decentralized purpose trusts. This research included experiments with NEO blockchain and Trinity token swaps to be integrated instead of Ethereum. At the same time, we did a lot of testing that focused on comparing EOS and NEO. When EOS launched its MainNet and proved to be a fully operational smart contract framework for all our use cases, we’ve done a series of architecture reviews with our partners Techracers and decided to update our architecture and go towards a hybrid blockchain on Hyperledger and EOS. I am confident that our tech team has made a decision that is only going to boost the performance and stability of the Eternal Trusts platform.

Tell us about the creation of ET Token and its potential benefit to the investor

ET Token is an EOS-based service token that will serve as a reward between participants within the fiduciary processes of the ET-based dApps. There are strict rules for token holding specified by the protocol architecture. To acquire and retain their rights within the ET Protocol ecosystem and to create dApps, participants must purchase a predefined amount of tokens.

Currently, those companies who hold a large enough amount of our token will be able to preorder a fiduciary dApp during the token sale, or, after October 1 all other trustees & fiduciaries will be able to purchase it with fiat to have a consulting company install it, to launch the smart contracts and activate the roles of the participants. We have been negotiating with potential corporate users of the protocol, mainly trustees and estate planning consultants, many of whom have purchased the ET tokens and are ready to integrate as soon as the protocol is up and running on the mainnet. As our ecosystem of innovative trustees and fiduciaries will be growing, anyone who bought tokens during the token sale will eventually be able to:

  • Structure succession or inheritance of their crypto assets;
  • Algorithmize financial support of your family for many years to come;
  • Create pension plans;
  • Grow your capital through tokenized asset management;
  • Fund charitable purposes with your capital;
  • Fulfill customized and extraordinary long-term purposes of yours.

As you can see, there are unprecedented benefits of becoming a token holder. So I suggest everyone to hurry up and join our limited token sale that will end on October 1.

What are the faces of Eternal Trusts? Who is on the project team and why were these people chosen?

Eternal Trusts is a cutting edge company spearheaded by experts in blockchain and finance that boast decades of experience in their respective fields. I am an investment banker with an MBA from INSEAD and more than 15 years of experience on C-level positions. Mark Lea, our head of legal, is an ex-adviser to the Government of Singapore on the establishment of trust legislation and the Trustees Act of Singapore, to the Hong Kong government, and to the Malaysian government on the development of the Labuan legislation. Benoit Vulic, our Chief Investment Officer, has more than 10 years of asset management experience in leading global investment companies. Everyone in our team is very experienced and determined to lead the disruptive trend of financial industry decentralization.

Can you share with your future investors your plans for implementing the project after the ICO?

In the coming weeks, we aim to release a demo dApp that will serve as a proof of concept. This is going to be the world’s first dApp that replicates the functionality of the traditional Dynasty Trust Fund for the crypto world. Family offices, trustees, and fiduciaries will be able to fork and customize this dApp in collaboration with our development team to fulfill their fiduciary tasks in a more effective, more secure, and faster way. In the final release, we plan on providing a fully-functional, customizable dApp with a convenient interface for onboarding clients, defining purposes, beneficiaries, trusted parties, and potential “triggers” for transactions. Our dApp is promised to be mobile-friendly, fast, and secure. It will always remain open-source and will serve as a foundation for others to build their apps upon.

After the core functionality of the dApp constructor is ready, we will be finalizing, packaging and distributing the codebase for the clients’ dApps and assisting early adopters in the development process.

How do you think Eternal Trusts will develop in a few years?

In the next 5 years, we aim to fully disrupt the centuries-old industry of fiduciary services by creating a much more autonomous and affordable alternative via the crypto technologies. Our mission is to create a reasonably priced way for everyone to achieve their long-term aspirations and hopes, no matter how complex they are or what kind of new products and services they may involve.

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