Insider: Samsung Galaxy Fold Sales Begin on September 6
Korean news agency Yonhap News has published a report telling the possible start date for sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. According to the publication, Samsung Electronics and three Korean mobile operators are discussing a launch schedule, and this will be preliminarily September 6th. The IFA 2019 exhibition officially starts on this day: the company plans to simultaneously introduce an improved version of the smartphone on the world stage and begin sales in South Korea. According to Yonhap News, Galaxy Fold will be launched within a month in the US and China. The company plans to sell 20-30 thousand devices in Korea before the end of this year. A representative of Samsung answered a request from the publication saying that the final dates have not yet been approved. In July, the company confirmed that sales of the device would begin in September. At first, the start of sales of the complex Galaxy Fold smartphone was scheduled for April 24, but after massive problems with the flexible display, the company canceled the event.