Innopolis University, “Aeroflot” and BitFury to Develop a Large Blockchain Platform
Representatives of the Russian Innopolis University published an official press release informing that together with “Aeroflot” and BitFury they are going to create a blockchain platform worth 600 million Rub. Future development will be used in various fields: logistics, financial services, education, energy, healthcare, agriculture, etc. Representatives of Innopolis University believe that already in 2021 the initiative will work in six industries, and by 2022 - in eight. “A new verification method based on a distributed registry system will protect data and increase its reliability - medical information about patients in healthcare, diplomas and certificates in the field of education, accounting and labeling of manufactured products in industry and agriculture. New investment formats will appear in fintech and financial organizations will be able to offer customers new services based on the blockchain, ” Kirill Semenikhin, director of Innopolis University, said. This is a rather large project since for its implementation it will be necessary to register 6 new patents, prepare about 40 blockchain specialists, as well as develop 12 mathematical models. This project received state funding in the amount of 300 million Rub, and the same sum from private investors. To keep up with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, check out updates on TheCoinShark.