Incremint | ICO 19.12.17 – 15.04.18


Token sale opening date19 Dec 2017

2 month ago

Token sale closing date15 Apr 2018

in 2 month

ConceptIncremint is launching an ICO to support its blockchain-based escrow platform that will bring accountability to the ICO fundraising process. Incremint believes its “Mint” tokens will be of particular interest to regular ICO investors, as Mint token holders will receive a 10% discount on all future investments in ICOs using our platform, in perpetuity.


MembersBrian Konradi – CEO

Andrei Danilov – Chief Strategy Officer

Peter Khokhlov – COO

Hans Battle – CFO

Myles Trachtenberg – Chief Information Officer

Adi Ben-Ari – Chief Technology Officer

Country of originCayman Islands




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