In Ingushetia, a miner illegally used electricity for 500,000 rubles
Employees of "Rosseti North Caucasus" discovered the theft of electricity for mining cryptocurrencies for half a million rubles. The violator of the law was a resident of the city of Sunzha of the Republic of Ingushetia, who consumed 32,000 kWh of electricity for 81 thousand rubles, illegally connecting 11 miner devices. Just two months ago, the hero of the story was already caught in a similar crime. Then, for the use of 160,000 kWh, the violator paid 400,000 rubles as a fine. As the last time, and in this case, the amount of the fine exceeded the cost of the consumed electricity, as it was calculated from the maximum possible amount of expended resources during the round-the-clock operation of the equipment. Employees of the energy company handed over information about the repeated violation of the rules for the use of power supply networks to law enforcement agencies.