iFixit Named the Possible Reason Why Samsung Fold Screens Crack
iFixit is an American private company, which has two main directions of their work. Firstly, they sell repair parts for various devices and, secondly, they publish profound reviews on them, called teardowns. Any decent gadget will undoubtedly end up in a teardown, which will reveal all of its smallest details and any possible flaws. It came as no surprise that iFixit decided to review the controversial Samsung Fold with a flexible screen.

The rundown

Samsung decided to amaze the world with the first-ever smartphone with a foldable display. The announcement created a lot of hype around the product and also raised the expectations of the community. Afterwards, the prototype version was sent to a bunch of testers, all of whom experienced major problems with the smartphone, the screen would break every time the user tried to fold it. Back at that time, the reason for such a bug was unclear, but iFixit seems to know where the core of the problem lies.

The teardown

According to the report, after taking the gadget apart and analyzing the specifics of its construction, the specialists from iFixit came to a conclusion that Samsung decided to undertake unreasonable risk. The company focused on making the hinges in the phone sturdy enough to withstand multiple foldings. Meanwhile, the other aspects of the gadget were not thought-out as much as they should have been. The developers of Samsung did not take into account the fact that the display was not protected enough from dust and other particles of dirt that can potentially get inside through a 7mm gap which emerges when the phone is folded. Moreover, some of the testers mistakenly removed a part of the display, thinking it was  protective film, and thus, disrupted the integrity of the screen. This was another reason of the possible screen malfunction. iFixit gave Samsung Fold 2 out of 10 for its poor suitability for any type of repair. Samsung has postponed the market distribution of their gadget. Hopefully, the issues with the display will soon be fixed. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/