Jumlah ATM bitcoin di Amerika Serikat meningkat 177% selama setahun terakhir

Over the past year, over 10,000 machines have appeared around the world to purchase the main cryptocurrency on the market.

According to the latest data, the total number of crypto ATMs in all countries of the world is more than 16 835 units. This is 57.5% or 9683 more than last year, when there were 7152 pieces.

Back in November, many members of the cryptocurrency community noted a positive increase in the number of ATMs in comparison with previous years. Unfortunately, the lion's share of machines is still located in America, where as many as 81% of cryptomats are now concentrated, or 13,699 out of a total of 16,835 pieces.

In the United States, growth has progressed at such a rapid pace that even local crypto enthusiasts are slightly overwhelmed by the totals. The number of crypto ATMs from March 1, 2020 to March 10, 2021 increased from 4945 to 13 699 units. This is the very cosmic 177% that we mentioned a little earlier.

The second most important countries for statistics were the United Kingdom and Austria. In Austria, the number of automatic machines has decreased over the past few years from 266 to 153 units, or by 42.5%. In the UK, there was a less drastic decline in ATMs. February 2020 turned out to be a peak for bitcoin machines in Britain with 283 pieces, after which, as of today, their number decreased - by 30% to 199 machines.

The total numbers of machines across Europe today also show an increase, albeit insignificant - from 1233 cars in March 2020 to 1273 in March 2021.

The speed of installing cryptomats per day is on average 34-35 new machines. Most of them offer exclusively functionality related to the acquisition of cryptocurrencies - 77.6% of the total. The remaining 22.4% also allows the client to sell part of their own cryptocurrency portfolio.

Apart from Canada, America and Europe, the picture is less cheerful in the rest of the countries. Although they stand out against their background: Hong Kong (85 machines), Russia (53 machines) and Colombia (46 machines).

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