SpaceX akan mengirim Dogecoin ke bulan

Elon Musk shared good news for all Dogecoin fans. As part of the next commercial mission, SpaceX will launch the DOGE-1 satellite to the moon under the leadership of Geometric Energy Corporation. This will happen in Q1 next year.

Initially, the news appeared in a GEC press release and was partly taken by users as a joke, but soon SpaceX was also told about it. The space mission will send a 40-kilogram cubic satellite to the moon aboard the Falcon 9 carrier. It will be equipped with dozens of cameras, innovative sensors, advanced communications, and computing systems.

The director of the GEC said that such a large-scale idea will be able to consolidate Dogecoin's status as a currency used in the "lunar business" and the space industry in general. In addition, it will once again emphasize the importance of the meme currency. He was joined by one of the vice presidents of SpaceX, announcing that the mission will present how cryptocurrency can be applied beyond the edge of Earth orbit and will become the basis for interplanetary trading. It is clear that this is all a joke but given the optimistic attitude of Elon Musk and the ambitious plan to colonize Mars who knows?

Musk himself was delighted by the fact that DOGE will become not only the first cryptocurrency to go straight to the moon but also the first meme in space. The billionaire wrote about this in one of his last tweets.

How much this idea costs Geometric Energy Corporation has not yet been disclosed. However, according to representatives of the firm, the mission was fully paid in the equivalent of DOGE. The last rover, whose payload of 49.6 kilograms was similar to the DOGE-1 satellite, was launched into Moon orbit in 2013 at a cost of $280 million. By analogy with it, a "dog flight to the moon" could have cost GEC $226 million, or more than 456 million DOGE tokens at the current exchange rate on Binance.

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