CBDC Rusia memasuki tahap prototipe

The Russian regulator introduced a new concept of CBDC. A prototype of the national digital currency will be created within a year

The final stage of development will be in Dec. This was stated by the deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia (BoR) Olga Skorobogatova. The Bank has also issued a report on the current status of the project and plans for the future.

According to the information we have, CBDC will be built on a hybrid platform that combines DLT technology and centralised management. So far, according to the Bank of Russia, the platform for the national Russian cryptocurrency has not been chosen.

During 2021, the BoR will develop all the necessary legislation to implement the CBDC in the country's financial system. It is also planned to test the prototype in financial institutions.

The report provides some interesting features of the Russian digital currency:

  1. The BoR will open accounts for commercial banks, providing digital currency in exchange for fiat. Commercial banks will be able to open CBDC accounts for their users.
  2. Rubles on a digital account will not yield interest like bank deposits. However, in the event of bankruptcy of a commercial bank, the user will be able to receive their funds, as the fiat money is deposited in the account of the BoR.
  3. Remittances between individuals will take place without a fee. Commercial transfers will be carried out with the commission.
  4. The Bank of Russia allows the restoration of the autonomous wallet on another gadget, if the user has lost a smartphone or tablet.
  5. It is also possible to launch offline payment by digital rubles. It is not yet known with what technology this will be implemented.

Skorobogatova also stressed that it is not yet known when the CBDC will be launched. The launch date will depend on the results of the test period.

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