Penta Security mengimplementasikan blockchain untuk verifikasi baterai

Penta Security (South Korea) uses DLT technology to store data related to electric vehicles. The platform was developed in partnership with AutoCrypt

The company's main goal is to improve the ecology and safety of electric vehicles. It would seem that electric cars do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and they are environmentally friendly. However, there is no limit to perfection.

The new blockchain-based system is designed to address the battery degradation. Today, when electric cars have occupied a niche in transport, the problem of battery fires and other violations of work is very acute.

In February 2021, Chinese authorities demanded an explanation from Tesla because of systematic problems with cars and batteries.

Therefore, the solution developed by Penta Security will be just right. The blockchain platform will be able to track the battery life cycle.

It was reported that the platform will track the battery status data while charging and draining the machines. The data will be recorded in the blockchain. If problems are detected, the program will notify the owner of the car.

The platform will serve up to 1000 cars a year. The data collected will help predict the risks of cars, organise timely battery recycling and save on maintenance.

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