Terminal Orion memiliki Jembatan Binance terintegrasi

Orion Bridge offers investors quick transactions without commissions. In addition to Ethereum, Orion also works directly with ADA, DOT, as well as Fantom, Avalanche, HECO, Elrond and dozens of other crypto projects

Orion Bridge allows you to integrate bridges of different blockchains into the trading terminal. This allows the possibility of firewall trading between tokens of different cryptocurrencies.

Binance Bridge allows you to transfer liquidity from any blockchain to BSC. However, the number of projects that work on the blockchain crypto-exchange and use Binance Bridge is still low. Therefore, we need an external bridge for cross-trade.



Orion Bridge is the outer bridge. It improves interaction between different ecosystems and expands opportunities for cryptocurrency trading.

Using the capabilities of the platform, you can trade ERC-20 tokens with a commission that will be 135 times smaller than the ETH provided in the blockchain. The speed at which transactions are completed is doubled.

You can trade ERC-20 tokens on the Orion platform from your ETH wallet at Binance. You can also trade other tokens offered on the site, through Metamask.

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