OnePlus dapat menambahkan dompet kripto ke smartphone masa depan

One of the popular smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus, has shown interest in cryptocurrencies. A survey conducted among customers indicates the possible integration of the crypto wallet into the devices manufactured by the company.

OneLab's internal research unit released a survey called OnePlus Blockchain Research. The respondents were interested in whether they know what Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other equally well-known digital currencies are, how often they invest in a new asset class and how closely they follow the changes in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to the standard questions, the questionnaire clarified what inconveniences customers encountered when buying cryptocurrency and storing it in wallets, as well as whether they are interested in purchasing NFT and whether they have bought them before.

The crypto community immediately dismissed the option that OnePlus decided to release its own token, focusing on the possible appearance of a crypto wallet in future OnePlus smartphones. It is possible that the firm may plan to implement even more blockchain technologies at a deep level. But official statements about this have not yet been reported.

Experts, however, associate the possible OnePlus crypto wallet with the fact that digital currencies are gaining more and more popularity in India. The country whose market is the largest for OnePlus smartphones in terms of sales.

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