Apakah MobileCoin dibangun di atas blockchain Monero?

Recently we wrote that the communication app Signal has implemented crypto payments, concluding a partnership agreement with MobileCoin

This information has benefited the cryptocurrency wallet. The price of the MOB token for 10 days increased by 817% from $7.49 to $67.5. However, amid the scandal involving supporters of Monero (XMR), the token's performance began to fall.

Several activists of the Monero (XMR) project and former developer of the anonymous crypto Riccardo Spagni have put forward their claims to the developers of MobileCoin.



The essence of the claim is that MOB uses the code Monero, nowhere recognising this fact. On the contrary, MobileCoin previously reported that their project is based on an early version of the CryptoNote protocol. It's not true.

In turn, the founder of MobileCoin tweeted that Monero is a very slow blockchain. It has the worst code in the history of crypto.

In response, Monero supporters say that MOB is too centralised. It attracts the processing of payments extension Intel SGX. And it's not speeding.

Judging by the correspondence, the situation is heating up, and many say that MobileCoin is just a bubble. In particular, because all 250 million tokens have already been mined and belong to the project team. And this whale can easily influence the price of the token.

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