Metro Caracas akan menerima BTC dan cryptocurrency lainnya

From March 1, the Caracas metro will accept cryptocurrencies for payment. For this purpose, the Venezuelan capital launched a new system for payment of subway fares

Now residents of the capital can buy prepaid cards, designed for 20 trips. The price of such a card is just under half a dollar (900,000 bolivars).

Caracas Metropolitan Anonymous posted this information on Twitter. They did not say which cryptocurrencies would be used for payment, or whether it would be possible to top up the account of Petro - Venezuela's national digital currency.

The interest in cryptocurrency among Venezuelans is actively developing since 2017. In a country where inflation is constantly rising, cryptocurrencies act as a repository of value.

And their application is approved at the state level. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can even be used for payments to partners from other countries.

For example, at the end of 2020 it was reported that Venezuela plans to establish payment in cryptocurrencies in cooperation with Turkey and Iran.

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