Harga kartu video mulai turun dengan cepat di China

Due to the tightening of measures by local regulators, the Chinese video card market has become more relevant than ever for miners from other countries, and especially for gamers who have been complaining for a long time about the crazy prices for Nvidia video cards.

The fact is that due to global bans on mining in the country, prices for video cards began to thaw. Some models have fallen in price by more than 50% of their previous cost in Chinese online equipment stores. Basically, we are talking about reference video cards manufactured by Nvidia of the RTX 3000 line, but the “price drop” also affected other models produced by partner companies. For example, by ASUS.

According to local publications, the cost of video cards plummeted after the introduction of a ban on the production of cryptocurrencies on an industrial scale in the Sichuan province. By that time, of the largest provinces of the country, only functioning mining centers remained in it. However, the last of them should close on June 25.

Now buyers will have to pay just 4,699 yuan, or $730, for the ASUS RTX 3060, up from the May peak of 13,499 yuan or $2,100. The price of the Nvidia Quadro P1000 dropped to 2,429 yuan, or $380, up from more than 3,000 yuan or $470 a month earlier.

If you are a gamer, miner, or simply tired of flipping through local sites in search of a video card at an adequate price list, it's time to look for them on Chinese sites! It remains only to not forget about the cost of delivery.

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