Cardano akan meluncurkan hard fork Alonzo pada akhir April

Charles Hoskinson says Cardano blockchain will be able to work with smart contracts

In accordance with the roadmap of the project, the hard fork Alonzo will be held in April. It will make the deployment of smart contracts available in the blockchain of cryptocurrency. So, Cardano is rapidly catching up with Ethereum.

The blockchain update will be deployed in testnet in June, and the launch of the main network with smart contracts will be held in August 2020. Along with mainnet, the Plutus platform will be launched to exchange tokens.

Projects rolled out at Ethereum are now in distress because of the large commissions. Therefore, many new startups already working on projects are looking for an alternative.

Cardano offers good prospects. In its blockchain you can run smart contracts, and create tokens. The transaction processing speed will be thousands of pieces in a couple of seconds and the commissions are minimal.

According to Hoskinson, it is planned to enter the DeFi market, as well as to solve larger and more ambitious tasks. For example, the blockchain will create projects for private and public organisations.

Cardano is already collaborating with several countries on the African continent to create blockchain identification systems. There are more opportunities ahead.

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