Ketidaksempurnaan App Store, Menghalangi Apple

Lawsuits have recently come to an end between tech giant Apple and the developer of software and video games such as Fortnite from Epic Games. 

In-game in-app purchases on the App Store were the subject of dispute and lawsuit. Everyone knows that 30% of all App Store purchases, including in-app purchases, go into Apple's pocket. All payments are made through the infrastructure of the App Store and exclude the possibility of their own payment methods.

In opposition to Apple's policy, Epic Games, through the App Store-independent mobile version of Fortnite, has posted a payment method that allows all in-game revenue to be earned single-handedly. This was followed by a radical response from Apple, which completely removed Fornite from the App Store.

Further, the plot of the confrontation developed along the classical path. Game developer Fortnite has sued the tech giant. The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, which lasted several months, has come to a logical conclusion. 

It follows from the court ruling that Apple's policy is anti-competitive and cannot enforce the use of the App Store system as the only means of payment. The court also ruled that the developer has every right to provide users with their own payment system. All of these solutions will allow Epic Games to generate 100% of its revenue.

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