Programmer menghasilkan uang dari investasi crypto dan membeli rumah impian seharga $ 650.000

Terrence Leonard, a software engineer from the United States, has been a crypto investor since 2019. He invested everything he had in cryptocurrency and did not lose

This year he managed to buy a huge house, which he could not even have dreamt of. According to Terrence, he faced some difficulties at the stage of withdrawal of money, but in the end everything was solved successfully. He has paid off the housing loan, and in the future hopes to buy some cool houses to rent them out.

Terrence already had a home in Washington County, but he and his tailed pet lacked space for a normal life. So, he decided to buy a big house.

First, he made a down payment for it by paying with cryptocurrency. Then, when the problem with withdrawal was solved, he fully repaid the entire amount. The money earned was also enough to pay off the old housing loan.

About his passion for cryptocurrencies, he says that he set a goal to achieve financial independence. When I became convinced that it is really possible to earn money on cryptocurrencies, he collected everything that he had, and invested. We are talking about shares, pension savings about all that he managed to earn at that time.

And although the cryptocurrency was compared to a bubble on the net, Terrence Leonard learned from his own experience that this is not the case. He invested in the top ten cryptocurrencies. Some of the money was spent on BTC and ETH, and the rest in LINK. His investment has paid off many times in 2 years.

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