Lamborghini untuk LTC: kisah sukses

The American sold his house and business four years ago, invested everything in LTC and bought a luxury orange Lamborghini in 2021

A user with the nickname Johnkim77 wrote on Twitter: "Congratulations to me, I glorified LTC in Kansas City." He wrote that he was the first to buy a Lamborghini with Litecoin and is very happy that four years ago he decided to invest in cryptocurrencies.

He said he sold everything - a house, a business. And he started investing in LTC. He told everyone that it was an investment in a comfortable future, but he was often not believed. Several people called him a crazy, virtual nerd. He was told he was investing in nowhere.

Well, now the virtual nerd rides a bright orange Lamborghini, which is fully paid for in LTC. He bought the car from a local dealer in Kansas City for 800 LTC. However,he had to work hard.

At first, the local dealer said it was a big risk. However, a couple of days later, a representative of the company called back and said that he has an account on Coinbase, and you can make a deal.

However, the buyer had to pay the commission for the transfer himself. The commission was $1,000, but the dealer gave the buyer a discount.



Kim compares LTC to BTC. He says BTC is gold and LTC is silver. But he also warns people against reckless investment. "Take the time to explore cryptocurrencies and never invest more than you can afford," he says.

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