Orang Brasil telah memulihkan kata sandi untuk dompet dengan 0,29 BTC

20% of Bitcoins do not have access. Some forget the password. Others have long thrown out an old computer

Some people manage to recover the password. So it happened to a resident of Brazil who lost access to the Bitcoin wallet.

The founder of Nord Research simply forgot the password and was very upset when he learned that the amount in the account turned from a few hundred dollars to $17,700. It's a lot of money for Brazil.

That's why Renato Braya tried his best to remember the password. He even wrote about it on social media. Then he was just lucky. He was able to remember the password, and gained access to his .29 BTC.

Alas, not everyone is so lucky. Recently there was a news that one of the owners of blocked cryptocurrencies can not access the wallet with 1 billion reais. That's $178 million. The guy was out of luck.

Satoshi Nakamoto coins are considered to be the largest lost number of Bitcoins. The creator of Bitcoin has minted more than 1 million coins. Their fate is still unknown.

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