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When I was a new trader like you, I used to struggle with the idea of picking the right broker. I always thought that there was no way for me to know whether I was signing up with the right one or not. When I heard experts telling a million different tips, it always overwhelmed me in a way. What they always said to me or any other trader like me sounded so simple, but was not in reality. The only thing that struck me the most was the advice of an expert who said that I needed to find out what mattered to me. I started writing those things down.

When I wrote everything down, I had a clear view of what I wanted from online companies that providing traders with trading services. After that, I started my search for the perfect trading services provider. This is not to say that my list of questions made the process any shorter. It still took me more than two months before I finally discovered TradeVtech. This was the company that addressed every single concern that I had. Every question that I had written down for an online trading services provider was addressed really well by this one.

I just knew later on that I wanted to sign up with this company to start my trading career. To tell you the truth, what matters to me is what should matter to you because my concerns are the same as yours as a new trader. Let me talk about every concern that you might have with an online broker, and provide you with information on how TradeVtech addresses that issue.





Trading Type

CFD Trading

Available Assets

Stocks, Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies

Trading Platform      

SIRIX (Trade Station, Mobile Platform, Web Platform)

Education Center


SSL Security


Segregated Funds




Account Types

Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

Minimum Spreads


Customer Support

24/7 (Phone, Email, and Web Form)


TradeVtech Addressing the Concerns of the Traders

Does It Offer an Easy Entryway to Trading?

So, the first thing you want to know from the company that you wish to sign up with for your trading passion is whether or not it provides you with an easy entryway to trading. That’s a really important question because it is always the start that matters the most. If you can’t start with a company, how can you begin your trading career in the first place? All the talks of great trading experience and the best trading platform are in vain if you can’t even sign up and go with a trading account. I can tell you that your entry to online trading is quite convenient with this company.

First of all, there are four accounts with different features and pros and cons for you to pick from. These accounts are there for you to pick one that you think suits you the best based on your trading preferences. If you are just a new trader who wants to start with something basic, I don’t think there is anything better than the bronze account for you. Then you have the gold, platinum, and diamond accounts that you can choose from. You can pick any account you want and start using it for trading by making the initial deposit that is requires for that account.

Making the first deposit is not difficult at all for you. You can pick the method of your choice and transfer your money safely to the trading account that you have started with the firm. Your Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards will work great with the company. It should not take more than a few minutes for the money to appear in your trading account when you transfer it from your credit or debit account. The bank wire option is also there for people who want more security and do not really care that much about the speed of transfer. You can start with a small deposit and enter the financial markets that you have always thought of becoming a part of.

What about the Safety of Your Money and Information

This is the next big concern that ever trader has today. There are many different types of online trading platforms and ways of trading. You can always pick the method that you think suits you the best. However, you can’t really go with any online method of trading or trading platform if you are not guaranteed about the security of your information and money. As a trader, you want to be sure that the platform on which you are about to send your money will keep your money safe. You can find that out through the segregation of funds. If the company is mixing your money with its own money, you are in the wrong hands.

You want to be sure that the broker is maintaining your money in segregated accounts. More importantly, it should maintain those accounts at banks that you can trust. And that’s exactly what you can expect when you go with TradeVtech. The company has made sure that all the funds you put in your account go into segregated accounts. These accounts are there only for the money that you deposit. The funds you deposit will never be mixed with the funds of the company. Secondly, you can rest assured that the banks where your money is being deposited are properly audited and well-recognized.

As for your information, you don’t have to worry about that either. Your information is being saved by the company through encryption. You will notice right on the home page of the website that there are SSL certificates installed on it. That’s the first sign that you are with the right company. Secondly, you always want your trading services provider to ensure that your information will be properly encrypted. When you sign up with TradeVtech, you will not have to ask about these things separately. You will find the answers to your questions right on the home page of the company.

Can You Trade Many Asset Classes?

That’s where I think you will really feel the difference. Today, you can have as many choices as you want in just about anything you can imagine. When it comes to trading, you can have many different ways to trade the assets that you are interested in trading. For example, when you sign up with TradeVtech, you will be trading CFDs, which is a way for you to trade the asset with a contract. Rather than owning the asset and benefitting from its price, you simply speculate the price of the asset and benefit when the price moves in that direction. You never take the asset you speculate in your ownership.

So, based on the many different choices you have available, you will find many different types of online brokerage firms providing you with different types of trading. Some will provide you with only the assets within a specific financial market. For example, you will see a broker that does not offer you anything other than forex currency pairs. And then you have the ones that are only limited to offering you digital currency trading. With TradeVtech, you have a real chance of diversifying your investment portfolio because you can trade all of these assets without any issues.

You have the trading platform on which you will find commodities, stocks, indices, precious metals, energies, forex currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can trade all of these assets on the same trading platform with very low margins that you will not even take notice of. You can trade these assets with huge leverages as well. If you are a new trader and still looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, then this is your starting point. You can’t really even think about diversifying your investment portfolio if the broker you have signed up with does not have enough assets available on the index.

 What Are the Spreads and Commissions?

That’s probably the most important question you can ask if you are worried about your overall trading experience. There are many new traders in the world who focus on the wrong things when signing up with a company online. They think that the only concern they should have is about the profitability on trades. Yes, that’s an important concern but there are many other things that come before it. You first have to make sure that you will not lose a lot of money in the form of commission and service charges. The first thing you have to look at is the spread on each trade.

You see, when you trade an asset, you will always see some difference in its price in the market and the price that you are being offered by your brokerage firm. The thing about this difference is that you can’t really get the asset at the exact price that is available on the market because the company providing you with trading services needs to make money as well. The price difference is the way for the company to make money on every trade. This is clear to you and told to you before you enter trades. The thing you have to focus on when you trade is the spread. The price difference is the spread and the bigger it is, the less money you will make.

As a trader, you have to find a way to reduce the spreads as much as possible. You have to negotiate these spreads or research more and more companies that can provide you with this facility. If you notice the table on the website, some assets have a spread of no more than 0.1 pips. Compare this spread with those that are being offered by other brokers and you will know that it is the most competitive you can get your hands on. I have tried many online platforms and I can tell you that this is the lowest spread I have seen in my trading career.

If you look further down the table, you will notice that some assets require you to pay a commission to the company when you trade them. However, TradeVtech shows once again that it cares about its traders and provides them with a chance to grow. For this reason, you will notice that the commission on some trades for you can be as low as $9. That amount is quite small compared to what other companies ask for. When you trade with them, you have to give them a big percentage of the amount that you are putting in to the trade. You can already see how much you can end up paying if the size of the trade is big.

What Kind of Help You Will Get as a Trader?

It is important to understand here that online companies are fully aware of the modern trends in the world of online trading. They know that more and more new and young people are entering this market. Based on that, they have to make their services adjust to the modern market. No broker can go about doing business while offering only outdated services. The company has to provide its traders with all the tools, help, and support that it can on the same trading platform. So, when you sign up with TradeVtech, will you get anything to get help with your trading?

Of course, you will get more than you can imagine. Firstly, I have to tell you that if you go with the diamond account, you can take advantage of the VPS as well. This is a virtual private server that is designed to allocate resources only for you when you trade on it. This means you will always be trading on a very fast computer without any delays and freezes. You will get one-on-one training feature as well. With most online trading services providers, I have noticed that they stick to this type of training only for their VIP or special clients. This is the only company that I have seen that provides even its basic traders with this particular feature.

Not just that, the firm will provide you with even more support in the form of webinars. You can attend the webinars without paying any extra cost once you have opened an account with TradeVtech. These webinars are usually hosted by people who are the experts in the field. They know what trading is all about because they have done it for years. They can provide you with all the knowledge not from books but from their personal experiences. You can listen to them, learn, and then ask questions if you have any. Last but not least, the broker is even providing you with analyst managers. This particular feature is available for platinum and diamond account holders.

Is It Ethical Trading?

So, when you sign up with TradeVtech, will you be trading ethically? That’s a very nice question, and it also shows that you care about not only your money but a clean environment for all the traders in the world. When we talk about ethical trading, there are certain things that have to be pointed out. Firstly, there are people who don’t want to use these online trading platforms for legal means. They are online because they want to hide their black money. This money has been stolen from poor and innocent people and is now being hidden for future use.

This is called money laundering, in which the person would hide the money for several months or years before introducing it back into the system as legal money. There are certain online trading platforms where people can perform these actions without any backlash. On the other hand, you have TradeVtech with its strict AML policy. AML stands for anti-money laundering policy, and it is the standard in the industry fro preventing money launderers from signing up on the trading platform. In addition to that, you will notice that TradeVtech also adhered to the KYC policy.

KYC means Know Your Customer, and the purpose of this policy is to ensure that brokers know about every trader that signs up with them. The company that is asking traders to sign up with it has to ensure that only legal customers sign up with its services with information that really belongs to them. Since the company has these policies in place, you have to prepare yourself for providing some detailed information on the website about your banking account and personal identification. Do keep in mind that the company that does not ask for this information is not the right one.

How Good Is the Trading Platform?

As a trader, you are really not recommended to sign up with any company unless you have asked this question. Not talking about the trading platform can get you in trouble later on. You have to realize that not all online trading platforms are designed the same way. You might understand one trading platform without any effort. On the other hand, some other trading platform might take you weeks before you know how to use it. I am sure you will not face any similar problems when you sign up with TradeVtech. The company has made sure to provide you with a great trading platform.

This trading platform is probably the one that has impressed me the most among all that I have tried before. So, the first thing I have to admire here is that you have it for your mobile phones, desktop computers, and any other devices that you use for trading. What makes things different with this company is that it has created a version of the SIRIX trading platform for every device. You have other companies that give you with a web-based trading platform that is bound to run on any device with any operating system and screen size. You get that web-based version from TradeVtech as well.

However, this company takes things a step further by designing two more formats for different devices. It has a SIRIX trading station that you can use on your desktop computers. It has been optimized for desktop computers so you will not have any hard time using it on your device. On the other hand, it has designed a mobile version of this platform only for mobile devices. This means you will have a platform that runs fast, smoothly, and error-free on your favorite mobile device. It does not matter whether you have iOS or Android because the mobile-optimized trading platform will run on all these operating systems without a hiccup.

How Good Is the Customer Support?

The customer support you will get from TradeVtech is quite good. The first thing that you have to admire about the customer support is that you will get it around the clock. The 24/7 customer support representative are there to help you with your queries in the most professional way possible. You can contact them in the way you prefer. If you want to talk to them, you can go with the phone number on the website. If you want to email them, you can do that without any issues. The best thing is that you will get a very quick response from this team. Also, you will have peace of mind that no matter what time of the day it is when you run into a problem because with 24/7 customer support, you will always have someone to help you with your concern.

Final Thoughts

You can see that I have tried to talk about the things that really matter to traders. I don’t want to go into other bells and whistles that can often attract traders toward a particular online broker. That’s not the point of my review. My review is here for you to know about TradeVtech as much as you want. This will eventually help you decide which direction to go in. So, if this company has addressed all your concerns, I think you should think about signing up with it. If all of your concerns have not been addressed, you can explore further on its website.

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