Penukar kripto - apa itu dan di mana menemukannya

The popularity of making money on trading and exchanging digital coins is growing. Assets with high volatility allow you to make good profits. It remains only to decide where it is most profitable to sell cryptocurrency or purchase digital assets at the current price. Consider the main pros and cons of the various options. 

CEX: centralized exchanges

Management on centralized crypto exchanges is carried out by a single provider. At the same time, the management is responsible for the speed of the exchange of cryptocurrencies, the security of funds and personal information of customers. 

Among the main advantages of CEX, users note excellent functionality and liquidity, as well as the ability to work with fiats (in most cases). However, there are also downsides. In particular, traders complain about the rather complicated verification procedure, which can take several days. In addition, unscrupulous centralized exchange managers can manipulate prices and even rob customers. 

DEX: decentralized exchanges

On decentralized crypto exchanges, users can exchange digital assets without intermediaries. The absence of third party influence on the process is a key advantage. The management of the exchange does not control the assets of users: the users themselves are responsible. Please note that there are ample opportunities for earning on the DEX, but you cannot work with fiat here. Decentralized exchange will require digital coins. 

Cryptocurrency exchangers

One of the easiest ways to buy or sell cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT and other coins) is to contact an exchanger. There are many such services on the market today. When looking for a reliable company, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • variety of digital assets available for exchange;
  • the ability to exchange both online and offline (directly at the representative office of the company);
  • anonymity and security of transactions;
  • speed of execution of transactions; 
  • exchange rate. 

In Ukraine, the BUYBank cryptocurrency exchanger is considered one of the best. According to statistics, about 95% of users come back here again. This indicates that the service offers really favorable conditions.

  • availability of official offices in Kyiv and Odessa.
  • Intuitively simple and understandable exchange algorithm. Write to the company's Telegram chat and discuss all the nuances.

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