Senat AS menyetujui Gensler sebagai kepala SEC

The US Senate has officially approved Gary Gensler as head of the US SEC. 53 people voted for him against 45.

One of the first to support Gensler in a potential post was Cynthia Lummis. This is not surprising, since she is an ardent supporter of Bitcoin. She was joined by other Republicans Susan Collins and Chuck Grassley.

In the camp of opponents of the candidacy of the new head of the SEC, Pat Toomey was the most active. He was convinced that if he won, the US SEC would focus on environmental and social issues rather than regulatory issues.

But the main people whose recognition Gary Gensler has received is the crypto community. Everyone was very interested in the MIT professor, who realizes that digital currencies are not the enemy of the dollar and the whole of America.

As head of the SEC, Gensler has pledged to drive innovation and protect investors in the industry. According to him, digital currencies will be a catalyst for change.

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