Amerika Serikat mengadopsi Undang-Undang tentang Peraturan Cryptosphere

United States lawmakers voted for HR 1602. This is a law providing for the active introduction of innovations and regulatory transparency of cryptocurrencies

The draft law was proposed by Congressman Patrick McHenry. It is aimed at explaining the role of the SEC and CFTC in the regulation of cryptocurrencies. It also provides a clearer answer to the question of whether tokens are securities or have a marketable status.

After the bill was passed, Patrick McHenry addressed congressmen. He said that by law, within 90 days the SEC and CFTC should set up a working group to study digital assets.

The members of this group should establish a dialogue between regulators and market participants. During the year, they should conduct a thorough analysis of the state of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States, study issues of network security and investor protection.

Speaking about the adoption of this law, most crypto figures expect the relaxation of the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States. If the SEC and CFTC understand better what cryptocurrencies are and what their role is in the financial sphere, it will have a positive impact on regulatory policy. Let's see how this will be implemented in practice.

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