Otoritas AS bermaksud untuk memperbaiki transaksi crypto dari $ 10.000

One of the main theses of Biden's tax plan was restrictions related to cryptocurrency activities.

According to a new proposal submitted for consideration by the current US Government, the attitude of companies to digital currencies is recommended to be equated to the requirements and reporting associated with traditional cash.

From now on, companies are obliged to submit documentation to the IRS with the fixation of all transfers related to cryptocurrencies for amounts exceeding 10,000. The US Treasury Department announced this in its report.

The Biden administration is seriously concerned about the situation around the cryptocurrency market and the use of a new asset class. Especially with regard to the anonymity of transaction participants, since such mechanisms attract an increasing number of attackers and people who evade taxes.

In the Treasury report, special attention was paid to the growth of the crypto market to 2 trillion. Against the background of this and the fact that digital currencies will become a mass phenomenon in the future, the department urged to closely monitor the crypto economy. The IRS called “limited resources” and “the inability to apply more modern technologies” the main problems in the process of tracking cryptocurrencies today.

In the crypto community, this news has caused various responses. Some were unhappy with the fact that the shadow of the regulator hanging over the industry has become even more threatening. Others, on the other hand, see parity with cash as one of the best decisions for the future growth of digital currencies and their widespread adoption. They called for panic only if the new form of financial control by the IRS takes on an aggressive or even totalitarian connotation.

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